Psycho 1960 ★★★★★

I probably saw this about twenty times between the ages of 10-14 and then not at all for the next fourteen years; its deep psychosexual throb was a total revelation upon reintroduction, like listening to music your whole life and then suddenly, one day, realizing what rhythm is.


  • I saw this when I was very young (like 8 or so) and the thing I remember most is how the scariest scene to me was the "psychiatrist scene" that everyone hates. But the way the people in the scene are calmly discussing these horrible things really creeped me out and I still think it's pretty great in that respect (and I've read at least one Hitch interview in which he said that's what he was going for so Ebert can fuck off).

  • I agree that the psychiatrist scene is creepy in its own way.

  • I thought about that while I was watching it and the thought I had is that there's no reason you have to take it at face value. I don't understand when people love a movie and then hate one particular scene from it, and they can't find any way to rationalize why it's there or invent a deeper meaning for it. I feel like a lot of the time we fail art.

  • I think by this point it's just a knee-jerk reaction to what looks a lot like what people sometimes call an "exposition dump" or a lack of ambiguity but there's really so much of value in the scene.

  • Plus without that scene Max Cherry would have had basically nothing to do in the remake.

  • took me a second to unravel what you meant by that

  • It is still somewhat unclear even to me.

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