Max Manus: Man of War 2008 ★★★★

I've seen French resistance films, and a couple on the Dutch resistance, but first time up for the Norweigans. Really well made, great acting, the lead guy is fabulous as he is in Headhunters. A very worthy addition to the 'resistance fighter' genre.

Norway, still the only country I've not seen a shit movie from.


  • Oh, trust me - Norway has a few horrible ones. This one especially -

  • Norwegians themselves seem to think lesser of their film production than do others. But Carl must be right - there are more than a few that fits his label.

  • Am happy to hear any further recommendations, perhaps one of you might make a good Norweigan movie list?

    I've seen Trollhunters, Dead Snow, Headhunters, Naebor and Max Manus so far :)

  • I'm not sure if I should make a list, however I could recommend The Bothersome Man, Kitchen Stories, Insomnia (1997) and Orion's Belt. They all have something.

  • Jacob's recommendations are all good. I would also add NOKAS, which dramatizes Norway's biggest bank robbery in a way that is reminiscent of what Paul Greengrass did with United 93. If you like the movies of Wes Anderson or Michel Gondry, you might also enjoy Norwegian Ninja, which is a VERY leftfield retelling of Norwegian historical events from the '80s.

  • Oh, and since you like Aksel Hennie, you might also enjoy his directorial debut, Uno, in which he also plays the main character. The movie owes a huge debt to Nicolas Winding Refn's Pusher thematically and stylistically.

  • Not begin a Max Manus fan myself, I can't help feeling flattered that you've had a hard time finding a bad Norwegian film :) But trust me, they do indeed exists, but of later years Norwegian films have had more international approach, and the ones you list up are all good examples of that. Can also recommend Kitchen Stories, O' Horten, Nokas, Aberdeen, A somewhat gentle man, Oslo, 31. August and Troubled Water, to pick a few.

  • Wow, I'll get stuck into some of those recommendations, thank you Jacob, Geir & Hans. Really kind of you. I'll make sure i leave a review and rating of them.

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