Primer 2004 ★★★★

My brain is somewhere between last Tuesday and next Wednesday, I may or may not have recorded the conversation i didn't have with myself. I haven't stolen my own pasport yet though.

The only thing I do know is, today is Thursday 15th March 2012, unless you are reading this before then..............


  • I'm glad you liked it. Make sure to rewatch it at least once!

  • @Kasper, absolutely I was thinking, this actually needs two watches for it to make sense (especially for a dimwit like me)

  • Guys, what is Thomas Granger doing here?

  • This is the probably main unanswered question. It's something that neither we nor Aaron and Abe can ever know for sure. One might speculate, of course, trying to make all the other facts fit. I would hate to spoil the film for anybody else but given what happens to Granger's daughter we know of a strong motive for him to go...

  • I dont know either, i'm itching to rewatch this to see if can fathom more things out, Granger being the one I supect we will never know (which i quite like)

  • Me too. Please let me know if you figure out how to explain what's going on right before Granger passes out - and why he does. That scene is disorienting like hell.

  • Haaa, yeah, I don't think we'll ever know... That was kind of a half-serious question :-)

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