Unbreakable 2000 ★★★★½

I havent revisited this since release, so glad I did. My kid's now 11 and am starting to revisit stuff with him. He flat out loved this film, plus he said, "woooah Dad, check out Mace Windu's hair", that's a win right there.


  • I need to re-watch this film immediately. From what I can remember, this film was everything NBC's "Heros" just didn't live up to...

  • Outside of the first season of Heroes, this was above and beyond better. In fact, this is just a good movie, and a fun twist to the superhero genre. Though M. Night is just the worst, I still stand by The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable as completely solid films.

    As Paul knows, however, he really wanted me to hate everything about his films by crapping out The Last Airbender. That jerk.

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