Great Slashers


  • I love a good slasher. Some interesting picks here.

  • Me too mate. I listen to your podcast but I wasn't aware you liked slasher films! I know they are a genre of film that is sneered at but I love them.

  • Great to know you're a listener of Movie Matters! I do hope to do a slasher themed show one of these days. In the meantime I recommend you give The Hysteria Continues podcast a try. They are specifically dedicated to the slasher genre and helped kick-start my nostalgic revival of many of these films.

  • Cheers for the advice, i'll give them a listen! It would be amazing if you could do a slasher themed show! I'm only a slasher fan due to being obsessed with them as a kid and now they always have a place in my heart :)

  • Superb list Chris,i'm also a huge slasher movie fan. I love The Prowler,some of Savini's best work. I haven't seen Intruder yet,but i intend to change that very soon.

  • @Marwood - cheers mate! Indeed the prowler has some great FX, pitch fork in the shower always sticks out to me. Intruder is great! Cheesy as hell, not to be taken seriously at all and some good gore! If you've got a Blu Ray player I recommened the new Blu Ray of it.

  • Thanks mate,i'll be getting the Blu-Ray asap.

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