John Carter 2012 ★★★½

I liked this a lot, it's beautifully made and every penny of that massive budget is on screen.
However, one of the problems with adapting such influential material nearly 100 years after it was written is that lots of the good bits have been pilfered over the decades by others (Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Superman, Avatar, errr... the Chronicles of Riddick). During the film you get the strange feeling you know it already even if you haven't read the book, like I haven't, which is a massive shame.
The protagonist himself is somewhat bland, the excellent support cast have transported in from Rome and the most interesting character, Lynn Collins' Deja Thoris, isn't used nearly enough, hinting at an intriguing back story but relegated to Red Planet Rapunzel. I think I'd prefer to see less John Carter of Earth and more of a Princess of Mars...


  • agree ^

  • CGI dog anyone?

  • How does the gravity thing not make sense? Also, this is a fantasy/sci-fi film, so a little suspension of belief can be applied.

  • Well if we forget that a human being breathing air and sailing on water on Mars with big green martians makes sense then: Mars is smaller so has less mass, therefore it has less gravity but would also depend on the density of the atmosphere and the speed of the planets rotation. I agree, though, that some of the green screen work looked like just that but I'm willing to overlook it because INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL RUINED THE ENTIRETY OF 2008 FOR ME! Thanks George. But I see what you're saying Del.

  • @Dirk, plus I'll admit I've always wanted a Speedy Gonzales CGI dog, so it speaks to me on a pet level.

  • the dog was great. if it wasn't for lynn colins (phwoar) it'd be the best thing in the film

  • I had no complaints about the jumping thing because it's Science Fiction FANTASY. It made sense in the context of the world it presented.

  • Sorry... I didn't mean to sound rude. ._.

  • Del, great quote; have you read the books? He does even more fantastical things in them. I happened to really like this movie, but I think that stems from my love of the source material. Regardless, I find Burrows/Carter's ability to become a 'superman' is the whole binding of the saga.

  • @Seamus McConaughy's gone all serious ACKtor on us, but he's probably a little old. Agree about West he can be a bit hit and miss but I thought he was fine in a thin role, at least he didn't play it as a panto villain...

  • I know what you mean, he was excellent in the BBC's The Hour, and rubbish in Punisher: War Zone.....

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