Rush Hour 3 2007

I counted 3 decent 'jokes', funniest of which are the skits over end credits. Otherwise this is a tired, clichéd re-hash of the first two, this time including French racial stereotypes and it still somehow manages to be the most smug of the series. This should really have been on my Notwatchlist.


  • I saw 1-2 because I had friends who wanted to see them...those bastards! I'll never torture myself with the 3rd film in this awful franchise.

  • What's sad is that Jackie Chan has been quoted as saying he doesn't necessarily enjoy doing these films because he doesn't get the humor! Well fuck neither do I.

  • On the emoticon thing I have emoticons with the messaging on my phone, but if I send them to a person who doesn't use the same messaging app they appear as boxes and squares. Not sure if that applies to laptops/ipads, but it could be the issue. I'm on my compute at work and they show up as squares and in my email they show up as triangles with question marks in them.

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