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  • The Woman in Black 2012

    ★★½ Watched 12 Apr, 2014

    I've found myself watching a lot of 'modern' horror movies recently: Silent House, The Purge, The Fog, Stand Up Guys (truly horrific!) and this is another one made in the last few years that has barely left an impression on me, coming after the fantastic stage play that REALLY DID leave an impression on me.
    Plucky newcomer Daniel Radcliffe (you may have heard of him?) does reasonably well reacting realistically to suspicious-but-obvious noises (the empty rocking chair! etc) throughout the…

  • The Purge 2013

    ★½ Watched 25 Mar, 2014

    The scariest thing about this home invasion movie is seeing Ethan Hawke without stubble.
    Watch Haneke's Funny Games instead (either version).

  • The Hangover Part III 2013

    Watched 23 Mar, 2014

    What the fuck am I watching?! - Phil (Bradley Cooper)

    Really good question that, Brad. How is this 'comedy' over ninety minutes long and not contain a single fucking joke (verbal, physical or otherwise) in the entire running time?!
    I'm annoyed at myself for even bothering to watch this painfully unfunny, lazy, cash-in-cow.

  • Someone Marry Barry 2014

    ★★½ Watched 06 Mar, 2014

    Lucy Punch is great, the rest not so much.

  • The LEGO Movie 2014

    ★★★★ Watched 28 Feb, 2014

    The groundbreaking bit: I've just paid to watch a 100 minute infomercial for some Danish pieces of plastic, and it played well with me.

  • Sanctum 2011

    ★★ Watched 26 Feb, 2014

    "You understand no matter what happens, never, ever give up" - Frank McGuire

    -- Except if you're watching this film, Frank. I can only think that, by seeing Sanctum in 2D, I'm missing the only thing that made this even vaguely interesting in the first place.

  • The Man in the Iron Mask 1998

    ★★½ Rewatched 23 Feb, 2014

    Loup de Rue de Mur.

  • Over Her Dead Body 2008

    ★½ Watched 23 Feb, 2014

    It's testament to Paul Rudd's talent and nice-guy charisma that we forgive him even though he's continually appeared in a load of absolute shite.

  • The Conversation 1974

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 21 Feb, 2014 5

    Made by two men arguably at the height of their powers (will there ever be a 1-2-3-4 better than Coppola's The Godfather, The Conversation, The Godfather: Part II and Apocalypse Now?) this suspenseful, thoughtful espionage thriller is built on the guilt and paranoia of a intensely private character, the whole movie is deftly conceived and deliberately executed.
    If 4/5ths of your film shines it's camera on one actor you'd better make sure they are the best you can cast. Hackman…

  • Intruders 2011

    ★★ Watched 21 Feb, 2014

    If the intent was a tense psychological horror, what was delivered was a plodding, unfocussed bore. A true struggle to watch, not least because the most talented person on-screen, Carice van Houten, is totally wasted in a gurning, screaming, mono-lined Mother role. Bland, weirdly named and instantly forgettable.

  • RoboCop 1987

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 08 Feb, 2014

    If you're over 30, here's a fact that will make you think you're wasting your life away: Rob Bottin, the makeup and visual effects genius and creator of the look of the iconic RoboCop, was 28 when this film came out. 28!
    Anybody know why his last film credit was in 2002?

  • Project Arbiter 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 08 Feb, 2014

    A great short film, a super soldier fights Nazis in 1940s Poland wearing an experimental techno-suit with a major non-eye-catching feature.

    Watch Michael Chance's Project Arbiter HERE.