Distractus Interruptus

For me, a movie is best enjoyed when there is nothing to distract you from the experience of watching it. Unfortunately, now days, going out to see a movie in a public movie theater has become the 21st century equivalent of playing Russian roulette...you never know what's going to happen. Some audiences are well-behaved, others are a bunch of rude, inconsiderate, noisy motherf*ckers...who check their email, talk on their cell phones, or schmooze with each other. Other times, the audience is fine, yet the theater sucks..with poor projection or sound.

My experience watching these films were all tainted in one way or another. In some cases, I walked out. In other cases, I stayed put...and suffered.

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  • TRON: Legacy
  • Lakeview Terrace
  • The Beaver
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The English Patient
  • The Elephant Man
  • Hard Boiled
  • Marie Antoinette
  • A Man Apart
  • Dr. No
  • Batman Forever
  • Brick
  • Stanley & Iris
  • Super 8
  • Misery
  • Muriel's Wedding
  • Very Bad Things
  • Cape Fear
  • Conviction
  • People I Know
  • Faithful
  • The Usual Suspects
  • I Am Curious (Yellow)


  • This is amazing and the notes really make it. Had no idea you have had so many of these moments. Thanks for sharing them.
    I had a guy sighing so much through Traffic, it made me think he was on to something and the movie was dull. And there's been a few movies where the crowd was just too unruly. Jeepers Creepers and Signs are the two that come to mind. Oh and a baby crying ruined the horror film The Strangers for me. Truly frightening.

  • When you go to see movies on opening weekend as much as Paul, these things will happen. That isn't an excuse for these disgusting putrid scumbags that have ruined going to the movies for me.

  • Thanks Don. It's these examples and others that forced me to stop going to the movies (as often as I once did). I see things in the theaters occasionally, yet only if I truly can't wait for the home video version. Otherwise, I am fine just watching things at home.

    Quinn, I concur. Now days, when I do go to the theater and people talk or use their blackberrys and cell phones, I just say to myself "Well, that's movie audiences today. THAT's what happens when you venture out to a public theater. Oh well. Nothing you can do about it..." It's sad really.

  • Yeah, this stuff blows. I've definitely stopped going to the movies as much as I used to because of stuff like this.

    I had a a couple of teens in the row behind me at TRON LEGACY and they wouldn't shut the fuck up. Finally, I turned around and asked them to be quiet. They just laughed. I think the worst is when you ask someone to be quiet, turn off the cell phone, or whatever, and they think you're being an asshole. Unbelievable.

    I think I went to either HALLOWEEN H20 or HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION and some people brought in their infant. Come on, really? Now, I'm not down for censorship, but there's a time and place to allow your kids to see violent horror films and it's not when they're babies. Not only is it wrong for the kid, but the the crying just ruins it for everyone.

    When I sent to see WILD WILD WEST the power went out in the theater so we couldn't finish it. The audience ended up getting free movie passes. Now that I think about it, this isn't so bad. I didn't have to finish watching WILD WILD WEST and I got to pick another movie for free.

    Creative list, Paul!

  • Thanks Jared. I no longer have the patience for any of it; it's the the reason why I no longer go the movies as often as I once did. Life's too short, and movies are far too expensive. And YES, you missed nothing in WILD WILD WEST...its horrible.

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