The Movie List - 2012. Ranking of all new movies released in Toronto Theaters in 2012 (includes Hot Docs and TIFF)

Inspired by Andrew O'Hehir at I will rank all the new movie releases that comes out in Toronto Theaters for year 2012. It's going to be fluid, meaning constant changes will be made. But it will make it easier to do a top 10 list at the end of the year. This will be quite a challenge.


  • Peter, if you are including TIFF my list may be of help. It is for all films playing at TIFF this year. I'm updating it as they get announced.

  • Lise, thanks for the note. I will definitely check out your list. My list is just for the films I have seen. So yeah, your list may come in handy during the madness of TIFF.

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