Stuff I Really Should Buy

Random stuff I see on other people's lists which I get the sudden urge to buy on DVD.

  • L.A. Story
  • Midnight Run


  • LA Story?!?! I watched this film when it came out and I just remember it as being completely hopeless! perhaps you have to know LA, perhaps you to forget about the idea of Steve Martin actually being funny but for whatever reason it just completely missed the mark for me...

  • Loved it when I first saw it, gentle, endearing, romantic comedy. It's not hilarious, and it's not gross, it's just gentle. I found it amusing, engaging and touching.

  • Every time I see this list I remember that inconceivably, I still don't own RoboCop on DVD.

  • I actually didn't have Robocop until very recently, I picked up the DVD trilogy collection only a few months ago, rather guiltily I got it for £2 from a charity shop!

  • Perhaps when I saw LA Story I was hoping/expecting more of a broad comedy.

  • LA Story: Quite possible, expectation is a bitch with films. Blade 2 for me was two totally different films. The one I saw in the cinema with my expectation that it would be like the first 1 (it wasn't, I hated it), and then the experience of watching it a second time much later when I was expecting to hate it, and found out it was really quite good.

    RoboCop: I feel guilty about buying the box set, because 2 onwards are terrible.

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