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  • Saving Mr. Banks

    Saving Mr. Banks


    Emma Thompson is great in this picture. It's worth seeing just for her performance. I really love her as the grumpy, correct spinster who has written the best children's book ever. But when she's not in a scene, the movie falls down, so that's about half of it, right? Unfortunately all that Victorian flashback squalor made it unwatchable for me. Every time they went back to 1910, I went "oh, no!" I almost gave up and stopped watching. But it…

  • Stranger by the Lake

    Stranger by the Lake


    My favorite of the NYFF 2013, this thriller transcended the genre, not that it needed to.

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  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    Very stylish, but empty. One star. The interchangeable girl characters with their unbelievable motivation = no content, for me anyway. WAIT: the interchangeability/emptiness was deliberate, you say? OH. okay. Well that changes things. An extra half star for owning emptiness. WAIT, what now???? Not enough? I can't put expectations of character and naturalism on such an obviously expressionistic vision of social satire ? OK, I take it back. An extra half star for defying expectations. WAIT THERE'S MORE: It's modern…

  • Searching for Sugar Man

    Searching for Sugar Man


    The power of music vs. the powerlessness of the artist in the music business is the chief thematic contrast in this film and that it achieves with great success. It also lightly but effectively touches on racism, piracy, murky business practice, and politics while painting a portrait of a very humble man. I'm not a fan of docs for the simple reason that so many of them are overlong and bloated just to get theatrical release, and this is no…