1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

All the films from all the editions, including those subsequently removed, presently totalling 1154. An easy way of seeing how many you've watched or finding films to try out.
Some single entries in the book consist of multiple films. I've added all the films they list in the entry.
I've tried to be as accurate and complete as possible, but if you spot any errors or omissions, please, do let me now.
Currently in no strict order.

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  • @Chip - Thank you for all of the helpful information, I sincerely appreciate it. ... @Peter - I fully respect your right to refuse my request, though I think the grounds on which it was done so is a bit suspect. I really don't think providing what I had requested would be "promoting the book," in any way -- at least not anymore so than what has already been done by posting this list --, and nor do I think doing so would in any way serve as "providing a replacement" for the book. But, anyway.... Thanks again for posting the list.

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  • I just have watched 56 films of this list :(

  • Hey Andrea, turn that frown upside down. : )

    Everyone who has seen far more than 56 of the movies on this list, at one time had seen less than 56. And, you have far more films from this list to look forward to seeing for the very first time, than those who have already seen hundreds of them. : ) Isn't that exciting!?

    And I would suggest watching films off of the Sight & Sound Greatest Films polls of critics, and then directors.




    And then I would recommend Roger Ebert:'s Great Movies list of over 300 Great films:


    I strongly suggest picking films from these three lists, over doing so from this list of "1001 movies you must see before you die."

  • Of course, there are sure to be many films which appear on all three lists, or at least two of the three.

  • Hey Tim, thaaaannks <3 you are right!
    I'll check those lists ;)

  • Wow I'm only at 185

  • Nice list. It helped me find films I had watched long ago but had forgotten. Many of which I should re-watch.

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