W. 2008 ★★★½

Could have been cartoon-y or too dark, but it succeeds in painting a picture of a regular, even likeable guy who gets in way over his head. Unfortunately, for him, way over his head is the presidency and two major wars without end. Well-acted, except for Condi, who is as sketch-comedy as actors in movies get.


  • Whoa, I thought I was the only person who liked this. I begrudgingly went in when it was in theaters expecting it to be lame and probably overrated it because I was so unexpectedly delighted by the comedy aspects of it. And Brolin is really incredible in the role - there's a short sequence of him walking away from a press conference (I think, it's been years since I saw it) and he looks so much like Bush that I really forgot I was watching an actor's imitation.

  • Amanda likes it a lot, too. She was the one who let me borrow it.

  • Yaayyyyy!!!!!!!

  • ^ professional opinion

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