2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 ★★★★★

Let's be real, this is more a work of art than anything some old French or Italian dude painted a bunch of years ago. You don't have to watch any other movie to know that this is the best Sci-Fi movie ever made. One of the best movies, period. Amazing shot after amazing shot, through the entire film. It only takes you about five minutes into the movie to realize you are watching something truly amazing, and Kubrick doesn't disappoint.

I won't go on too long because most have seen it and many have reviewed it, but I will say that I think it shares its only flaw with The Shining, which is a climax that doesn't quite live up to the rest of the film. Both movies are so powerful at building a quiet tension with meticulous and beautiful scenes that when we get to some action the movie slightly gets away from the aspects that made the first half so great. I like to imagine that Kubrick might have been persuaded to add more "action" for the sake of the audience, but all I know is that I much prefer the scenes where "nothing happens."


  • 8-) challengers welcome(though not really, just a personal preference)

  • @Rick Okay, but Kubrick had dozens or hundreds of people help him so it damn well better be more involved of a process than a lone person painting a picture all by themselves based on a vision in their own mind.

    I disagree that it's better just because there's more to it. Hundreds of people Vs. one person will always lead to that.

    I think both can be a work of art. One doesn't negate another.

  • Of course, they both are. And I'm not saying Kubrick did it all, but he did have the vision, and the end product is the end product, hundreds of people or not. Standing alone a film is worth so much more to me than a painting. If someone gets more from a painting, great. Whatever works for you

  • This film will always be near the top of my list......my overrated list that is. :-)
    Even Lise; when she is being honest, will admit to dozing off at least a half a dozen times trying to watch this film!
    One person's art is another person's.......
    "Best sci-fi film ever!" ......not by a long shot!

    You have exhibited great taste otherwise Rick. :-)
    It is very fashionable for the "artsy" crowd to defend this film; so you will have lots of letterboxd support.
    Just wait until Len finds this thread. :)

  • Haha, yes, come on in Len

    But I don't mind if people don't like it very much. It has a certain quality that isn't for everyone. Different techniques work for different people, no shame in that.

  • Wow, I'm sorry I missed this party. I'll stand with you toe to toe Rick against all comers!

  • Haha, glad I can count on you Jonathan

  • Thanks Bruno. Kubrick is great; I still need to catch up on a few of his

  • My favourite film. Full stop. Nicely reviewed mate.

  • Blade Run... never mind.

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