Antichrist 2009 ★½

Oh look, it's Lars von Trier, winner of Deviant-Art's live wallpaper contest. Oh, he's still recycling the same photoshop style bullshit in 2011? And people think it's beautiful?

While watching this silly stylized intro all I could think of was Dafoe in Mr. Bean's Holiday where he portrays a pretentious film director. Von Trier might be worse.

I can appreciate that he pushes boundaries and there is some good camera work, but this was shit. I didn't like Melancholia either but it was a lot better than this. No Lars, that line about "starting to believe the anti-women gynocide part of the thesis" doesn't somehow excuse your women-hating, there is no reflexive aspect in your film.

This is the work of a mad man, except it isn't very interesting nor artistic. Oh, shocking images, cool....doesn't make up for the complete lack of substance.

And again, your slow motion special effect bullshit isn't impressive or pretty to look at. Asshole...


  • How do you really feel about Von Trier? <wink> Haven't seen this one yet, but love your honesty.

  • We'll have to disagree on LvT, I love the man. Not sure what that says about me, but I like almost all of his stuff. Antichrist was not my favourite, but I still thought it was decent. I think I may make an LvT list just to aggravate you! :D

  • Haha, well don't expect a "like" from me ;)

    I read your review, and I might have liked it more if it felt like a horror movie to me. I didn't feel any suspense or tension though, and I think the dialogue might have been to blame

  • It's an odd film, no doubt, and tough to get into if you don't buy in to his insanity but knowing where the film was coming from it helped me get sucked in. At least tell me you loved the fox; one of my favourite movie moments from 2009!

  • My entire review probably could be replaced with "Chaos Reigns" and it would be fitting in many different ways...Definitely one of the oddest movie moments, ever.

  • haha, damn I was harsh here...

  • Yeah dude, unfair! :D Honestly this is probably his most out there and difficult film.

    Have you seen anything else from him yet? I can't recall.

  • I saw Melancholia, had mixed feelings about it. It's been long enough that I'd give him another try. Any suggestions?

  • Dancer in the Dark is probably his best known film and maybe his most accessible after Melancholia. Of course Dogville is one of my favourite films of all time, but it's an odd one and not for everyone. It is unique and worth watching though if you have a spare three hours.

  • Forgot about that, I know Dogville is one of your favorites. Maybe I'll start with Dancer in the Dark and go from there

  • As always, a pretty tough film, but it's awesome and I will be interested to hear your thoughts.

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