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  • The Witch
  • The Babadook
  • It Follows
  • The Lords of Salem
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

Melissa's Maniacal Movie Madness Part 3

40 films 3 4 Edit

Since this has become an annual thing for me - it's time for my Halloween picks! I'm sure some of…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Room
  • Brooklyn
  • The Revenant
  • Carol

My Oscar Nominations

14 films Edit

Here is my list of my favorite Oscar Nominations and what I would like to see win. Although I feel…

  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
  • It Follows
  • The Babadook
  • Children of the Corn
  • The Omen

Melissa's Maniacal Move Madness Vol 2

32 films 4 Edit

Since it's my FAVORITE month I figured it was time to come out with my Halloween movies of choice this…

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Ghostbusters
  • Inception
  • Alien
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • An American Werewolf in London
  • Halloween
  • Audition
  • Funny Games
  • Silent House

Melissa's Maniacal Movie Madness

32 films 1 2 Edit

Since I typically have a "Spooky Shorts Segment" on my blog and Facebook page, I've decided that I'm just going…

  • Frances Ha
  • Before Midnight
  • The To Do List
  • Papadopoulos & Sons
  • Frozen

My Favorite Films of 2013

26 films 4 Edit

As suggested by the title, this is my list of favorite films from this past year.
I'm going to try…

  • Alien
  • Young Adult
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • Mona Lisa Smile
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild

Films with my favorite lady roles!

35 films 1 6 Edit

This is list is obviously about my favorite ladies from films. They aren't necessarily "strong female roles" (just because that…

  • Hostel
  • Dogtooth
  • The Strangers
  • The Last House on the Left
  • The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Films that give me the wigglies

15 films 3 23 Edit

It takes a lot to make my jaw drop but these films have managed to do it. Whether it gave…

  • Beasts of the Southern Wild
  • The Kid with a Bike
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • ParaNorman
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

My Favorite 25 Films From 2012

27 films 1 7 Edit

Title says it all - my favorite films from 2012.

They're ranked in order from my favorite to my least…

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • The Apartment
  • Joyeux Noël
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Ho-Ho-Ho and mistletoe

33 films 1 1 Edit

What would Christmas be without Christmas movies? I'm back to countdown my favorite holiday feature films and shorts (I know,…

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • The Skeleton Dance
  • Carrie
  • Halloween
  • Hocus Pocus

Time for Halloween!

34 films 3 Edit

Now that October is almost here, it's time to bust out the Halloween movies! So here's my list of the…

  • The Artist
  • Snoopy, Come Home!
  • Oliver & Company
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Who let the dogs out?

18 films 2 9 Edit


A list of all my favorite movies starring ... DOGS! I can't help but notice this has turned into…