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  • Mine Games 2012

    ★★ Watched 28 Oct, 2014

    One of those intricately plotted flicks that falls apart under the slightest examination. There's some neat stuff, but when you hang your film's story on a gimmick it needs to be secured tightly, lest the whole thing collapse.

  • Troll Hunter 2010

    ★★★★½ Watched 28 Oct, 2014

    If you've been reading my reviews for a while, you already know that I am generally not a fan of found footage movies. Even ones that I enjoy, I tend to wish had just been normal movies. That's largely because most of these movies don't really use the device in a meaningful or even a believable way. Even though I didn't care for "The Blair Witch Project", I have to say that it had a reason to be found footage,…

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  • Rabid Dogs 1974

    ★★★½ Watched 06 May, 2012 2

    Not a great Bava film, but a good one. While sometimes crossing from dangerous into ludicrous, the film maintains tension and a sense of peril throughout. A few scenes create the cringing sympathy of later films like "Last House on the Left". I haven't seen the English language cut, but the Italian is impressive for its ability to make you believe that you've witnessed offscreen horrors.

    Not a perfect movie, but one that feels important in founding the survival genre of horror.

  • Halloween 1978

    ★★★½ Rewatched 26 Apr, 2014

    Thank you, John Carpenter.