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  • My Darling Clementine

    My Darling Clementine 1946

    ★★★★★ SilentDawn Watched by SilentDawn 29 Jul, 2016 6


    "When ya pull a gun, kill a man."

    So goddamned fresh. John Ford depicts an entire community - a town at the edge of the world, the skies of Monument Valley as encasement for the unknown - with spectral simplicity, unleashing a strong-willed presence of law and order into a population surrounded by death. And if residents are defined by their environment, then Tombstone is barren in every facet; a ghost town kept alive through alcohol, gambling, and the…

  • Lights Out

    Lights Out 2016

    ★★ Kairit Watched by Kairit 22 Jul, 2016 1

    the scariest part about this movie was when the kid had pizza with milk

  • Westworld

    Westworld 1973

    ★★★½ Todd Gaines Watched by Todd Gaines 29 Jul, 2016 24

    Yul Brynner goes all T-800 in the story of an amusement park that ends up not so amusing to its guests.

    Bam! Yul Brynner acting like a boss!! Well, he's pretty much his character from the Magnificent Seven. Except, he's an out-of-control robot, and he's the one who steals scenes with limited dialogue and fantastic facial expressions. Hell, I'm pretty sure the same costume designer worked on both films. Yul is hamming it up as the Gunslinger. He's the Terminator,…

  • Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke 2016

    Gonzo Watched by Gonzo 27 Jul, 2016 7

    Gonzo's 2016 Movie Rankings

    Two words: Bat sex.

    Two more words: BAD movie.

    The Killing Joke is a controversial adaptation of Alan Moore's controversial graphic novel, but unlike the legendary comic it's based on, the film ends up being controversial for all the wrong reasons.

    DC, you had one job and one heck of a source material—a story widely regarded as one of the greatest, not just in Batman lore, but in comic book history.

    All you had to…

  • Mower Minions

    Mower Minions 2016

    ½ SilentDawn Watched by SilentDawn 19 Jul, 2016 3


    we deserve this.

  • Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke 2016

    ★★½ DevinMeenan Added by DevinMeenan 7

    It's unfortunate and honestly shocking how the addition of a 30 minute prologue focusing on Barbara Gordon detracts from the film and makes the story's treatment of her character even more problematic.

  • Star Trek Beyond

    Star Trek Beyond 2016

    ★★★ ScreeningNotes Watched by ScreeningNotes 23 Jul, 2016 18

    Wish some of the action was shot wider and held for longer with fewer edits, but then it probably wouldn't be as kinetic and fast and just plain fun as it is. The movie is always a pleasure to look at and somehow manages to find new things to show us after half a century of Star Trek (I need that side-angle shot of the Enterprise traveling through hyperspace so I can make it my desktop background and just be…

  • Se7en

    Se7en 1995

    ★★★★ Katie Watched by Katie 26 Jul, 2016 5

    interesting how literally every tv crime show ever premiered after 1995 like david fincher probably invented the crime thriller genre

  • Panic Room

    Panic Room 2002

    ★★★★½ özten Watched by özten 23 Jul, 2016 4

    jared leto with cornrows has been the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my entire life and I've seen him in the suicide squad trailer

  • Nerve

    Nerve 2016

    ★★★½ davidehrlich Watched by davidehrlich 26 Jul, 2016 2

    Sex is cheap in the internet age — it’s violence that’ll cost you.

    Beneath the neon haze of its teenage fantasia and the throbbing obviousness of its platitudes about the perils of social media, “Nerve” highlights some ugly truths about the economy of anonymous spectacle. This is a film that knows what people really want to see when they think that nobody is watching them. Blisteringly cool one moment and ridiculously silly the next (much like its high school heroine),…

  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 1986

    ★★★★½ SilentDawn Watched by SilentDawn 27 Jul, 2016 6


    Beginning with "save the world" importance and ending with life-affirming joy, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is a film which shreds its urgency as it goes along, supplanting stakes for a sweet dose of environmentalism and shaggy comedy. Our characters are already so iconic in their traits that creating a humble hangout film feels like a natural progression in the Star Trek series. The heroes are obviously involved in the imminent threat, but the audience is carried away…

  • The Secret Life of Pets

    The Secret Life of Pets 2016

    ★★ Lucy Watched by Lucy 27 Jul, 2016 1

    i wasn't really paying attention but anyways i would die for jenny slate's voice alone

  • Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke 2016

    ★★½ Wes Ball Watched by Wes Ball 25 Jul, 2016 7

    I don't really read a lot of comic books outside of Deadpool, and I've seen next to none of the countless animated Batman movies that are out there, so maybe this doesn't make me the most qualified person to critique this film. But, I could easily tell what parts were added on by the writers and director, and what parts were actually taken from the source material; and when I can tell that so easily, that's really a bad sign.…

  • Pokémon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back

    Pokémon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back 1998

    ★★★½ Ava Davis Rewatched by Ava Davis 28 Jul, 2016

    mewtwo ended racism

  • Ghostbusters

    Ghostbusters 2016

    ★★★★★ isa Rewatched by isa 25 Jul, 2016 14

    all right I was going to do my usual "I've paid to see this three times now so I'm going to write an actually coherent review" Thing that I've gotten in the habit of doing (actually can u even believe that is a habit of mine good lord I need to go outside more) but I am too damn tired! so instead I'm just going to slam on down some probably chaotic thoughts before I attempt to recharge my ability…

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979

    ★★★★½ SilentDawn Watched by SilentDawn 25 Jul, 2016 8


    Methodically pure sci-fi; a world with icons instead of characters and vast emptiness in place of pop western operatics. "The Motion Picture" takes inspiration from classical cinema - an overture greeted me when I clicked 'play' and I was sold from then on - and the inherent fascination of movement; people, places, technology, and all the imprints they leave. Robert Wise, a master filmmaker who utilized dance (West Side Story), physical fright (A frantic, insane Eleanor in The Haunting),…

  • Prometheus

    Prometheus 2012

    ★★★★★ Gary Busey Rewatched by Gary Busey 26 Jul, 2016 3

    The film begins with a species later defined as Engineers, accepting their role as catalysts for life. Acceptance of death, up to and including a self-inflicted, for ages has been a cost of the creation of life. Osiris, Jesus, even Prometheus himself embodied this ideal, this ultimate form of virtue. Sacrifice, creation, preservation of life; all ideas pervading this tale that is, at it's core, pure science fiction, grounded in intellectualism and wonderment.

    The film can be boiled down to…

  • Star Trek Beyond

    Star Trek Beyond 2016

    ★★★★½ Wes Ball Watched by Wes Ball 24 Jul, 2016 5

    This is where the frontier pushes back.

    Another piece of proof positive that you shouldn't judge every film by its trailers. I had severe reservations about Star Trek Beyond, not least of the reasons being its new director, Justin Lin, whose experience with the Fast and Furious franchise made him seem like a rather odd choice. The inclusion of "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys was the biggest turn off, since it gave off a feeling to me that the song…