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  • Air

    Air 2015

    ★★ Added

    I really liked the concept of “Air” but, ultimately, felt it didn’t live up to its potential. The film looks good and the performances from Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou are fantastic but the overall feel of the film just comes off as generic. This is seen most prevalent as the movie actively forgoes some really deep and dramatic moral dilemmas and, instead, goes with the tried-and-true and overly familiar drama of two dudes resorting to violence and fighting one…

  • The Fault in Our Stars

    The Fault in Our Stars 2014

    ★★★★ Added

    My knee-jerk reaction to the film is that this wouldn’t have been one for me but, after giving it a shot, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. The performances from the two main players; Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, are fantastic; both separately and together. They have some amazing chemistry together and it made for their journey to feel very authentic and real. Finally, the film’s story is simply stunning and presents a tale that takes a potentially painful…

  • Justice League: Gods and Monsters

    Justice League: Gods and Monsters 2015

    ★★★★ Added

    Lately I’ve felt DC has plateaued with their animated films and have been coasting a bit. They’ve never been bad but too many of them have felt like they are rushed and are trying to cram too long of a story into too short of a running length and, while this film does suffer a bit from this, “Justice League: Gods and Monsters” is pretty amazing. The animation and voice acting is great and keeping with the same visual and…

  • Pixels

    Pixels 2015

    ★★★ Added

    Due to Adam Sandler’s work in the last decade, I’ve come to have certain expectations when I watch his films. Basically, I come to expect a bad story with horrendous jokes but “Pixels” actually surprised me because I didn’t find it that bad. Granted, there’s a pointless love interest given to Sandler (because it’s clearly in his demands for all movies), a lot of the jokes are weak and the character designs of the video game characters were a little…

  • San Andreas

    San Andreas 2015

    ★★★ Added

    For a disaster film, “San Andreas” isn’t too bad and it’s decently entertaining and a bit fun. The characters are well written enough that I cared about them, the acting is decent (although not noteworthy), the CG is great, the visuals are destruction-laden awesomeness, and the movie does a great job of creating some fairly intense scenes and sequences. On the bad side, the film’s story is pretty generic and isn’t much different from every other disaster films and the…

  • The Gift

    The Gift 2015

    ★★★ Added

    “The Gift” has a great, unnerving story that has the potential for some really creepy and realistic scares. The characters are excellently written and the performances are incredible. Finally, the ending is amazing! However, ultimately, the film ended up being just an average thriller for me due to a story that takes too much time establishing itself, too many of its plot points being painfully dragged out and too many of the scares and too much of its tension ends…

  • Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

    Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse 2015

    ★★★★ Added 2

    I went into this film expecting a cheap zombie film trying to cash in on the undead craze but, instead, found a dark comedy that was well crafted with hysterical gags and contained a working zombie story with excellent characters and some terrific acting. My complaints are very minor with this one and include some points of weak editing and one character that is played by an actress that isn’t terrible but just not as good as the rest of…

  • Furious 7

    Furious 7 2015

    ★★★★ Added

    I love the “Furious” films because they are just great popcorn action films filled with fast cars and exciting action and “Furious 7” keeps that track record going. My complaints for the film are minor and mostly deal with some underdeveloped portions of the story but, aside from this, the film is a lot of fun. James Wan proves that horrors is just one of his many talents as he makes the spectacular stunts and balls-to-the-wall action look slick, the…

  • Insidious: Chapter 3

    Insidious: Chapter 3 2015

    ★★★ Added

    Usually by the time a horror franchise reaches the third film, we see a very noticeable drop in quality but, surprisingly, “Insidious: Chapter 3” isn’t like that. Sure, the scares weren’t the most terrifying (but it definitely has a few absolutely startling parts) but the film has a great cast (Lin Shaye continues to show off how talented she is) and the story is simple but effective. Finally, the film offers up some nice origins to Elise’s story, her purpose…

  • Leprechaun: Origins

    Leprechaun: Origins 2014


    What if a film studio took the Leprechaun franchise and decided to do the reverse of everything that they’ve done? Well, “Leprechaun: Origins” did just that and it failed utterly to make a half-way decent horror film. Instead of a wise-cracking goofball villain that has just the right level of comedy and wickedness, the production turned the mythical creature into a generic monster that you never really get to see and, when you do, it’s clear that the costume is…

  • Alien Abduction

    Alien Abduction 2014

    ★★ Added

    I’m not the biggest fan of “found footage” films but I was a bit surprised with this one because it actually provided a reason for why the filming never stops, even when the choice of life or death suddenly rears its ugly head. Overall, the film has a moment or two that is fairly scary, the acting isn’t too bad (even when it is bad, it’s not too bad) and the film has an absolutely amazingly put together scene that…

  • Motel Hell

    Motel Hell 1980

    ★★ Added

    I never saw “Motel Hell” until recently and I have to say it’s not a bad film. The film’s story and plot gets a little sloppy and some of the performances can be a tad strange (like why the escaping victims of Farmer Vincent act like zombies) but the film is disturbingly amusing and Rory Calhoun’s performance as Vincent is a lot of fun. The film has its problems and isn’t the best example of a cult classic horror film…