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  • The Master 2012


    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014

    ★★½ Added

    I'm learning slowly but surely how expectations really color the film going experience. I was expecting a lot more from the good reputation this movie has, and ended up finding it only meh. The same thing happened to me in the first film, so maybe a rewatch after a year or so might be more enjoyable. The action, especially early on, is much better this time around, but the actual plot didn't impress me so much.

  • Nixon 1995

    ★★★★½ Added

    "Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself." - Richard Nixon

    Boy, Nixon sure learned that lesson the hard way, didn't he?

    "Nixon" is a great movie, taking extraordinarily difficult subject matters and moving through them expertly. It takes the epic life of this one man, and also tells the tale of the world he lived in. It helps a bit to have some knowledge of…

  • They Came Together 2014

    ★★ Added

    Of course devotees of the cult film "Wet Hot American Summer" will be all over it, but "They Came Together" is not really inspired comedy. Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are appealing as always. There are a few fitfully amusing moments scattered here and there, but in reality it smells more like a rewrite of an actual attempt to script a romantic comedy than something that was conceived from scratch to be the "Airplane!" of romcoms (which it is not).…

  • Muppets Most Wanted 2014

    ★★★ Added

    Doesn't really have the spark of vitality that the previous film somehow managed to conjure up, but I've sat through much worse Muppet movies *cough*MuppetsInSpace*cough*. This one was decent enough and did the job, with a few fun throwaway gags and a welcome video cameo from Jim Henson's Kermit. I'm also a fan of Flight Of The Conchords, so I again enjoyed the musical numbers. They were the highlights of the film. The evil version of Kermit was amusing, and it was fun to see relatively obscure characters like Sam the eagle boosted to supporting roles.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014

    ★★★ Added

    Too long and not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, but in my opinion a GIGANTIC step up from the previous film, which I thought was an abomination. Low expectations likely play into this review because quite honestly, my expectations couldn't get any lower after "The Amazing Spider-Man." Really, that movie was awful. Part 2 was enjoyable, much to my surprise.

    Andrew Garfield's twitchiness appears to have been toned down considerably, and he handles himself well in…

  • Bad Words 2013

    ★★ Added

    Most of "Bad Words" felt achingly familiar, as if I had seen this movie several times already. It's the type of screenwriting that starts with the concept, and then the rest of the story is constructed out of cliches.

    Some scenes were slightly amusing, but I never found it very funny. The worst part is the now obligatory "serious" plotline that is shoehorned in, so that the crass bad taste of the comedy parts are offset and the movie can…

  • The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999

    ★★ Added

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

  • Machete Maidens Unleashed! 2010

    ★★★★ Added

    An enjoyable sampler of violent exploitation films from the 1960's and 1970's that might be too tedious to sit through in their entirety. It's a good way of getting the highlights (or lowlights, depending on how you look at it) of these movies in the context of the time and place. And near the end, the story traces smartly into Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 film "Apocalypse Now", perhaps the quintessential Filipino production.

    Of course, these films weren't truly Filipino productions.…

  • Don Jon 2013

    ★★★★ Added

    I liked "Don Jon" a lot, but it's easy to see why others wouldn't even want to give it a try. It's definitely not a date movie, or one you would want to watch with family members or friends. And it also seems kind of strange to watch it alone, since it's about a New Jersey meathead who is addicted to choking the chicken. Watching it alone feels vaguely creepy, as if you're watching faux-porn. But putting all that aside,…

  • Cujo 1983

    ★★★★★ Added

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

  • The Believer 2001

    ★★★ Added

    It is thought provoking and intelligently written. While the overall premise strains credulity (even though it's based on a true story!) and some scenes severely test suspension of disbelief, there are other times when it's like listening in on someone else's heated philosophical argument. It grabs your attention and really makes you think. That, and a very good performance by Ryan Gosling, make it a worthwhile watch. I did like the ending and the final ambiguous line that closes the…