Moonrise Kingdom 2012 ★★★

My dear readers, do not be deceived by ass (arbitrary star-rating systems.) You might read 3.5 stars and assume, "Hey, looks like Reece thinks Moonrise Kingdom and Die Hard 2 were basically the same movie." I assure you, this is not the case—although I was dying to hear Bruce Willis say over the phone to Tilda Swinton, "No shit lady, does it sound like I'm ordering a pizza?"

Instead, it's more like I felt Wes Anderson's other works (Rushmore and Darjeeling in particular) were at least 30% better than Moonrise. I guess that makes mathematical sense because I was really in love with the first 70% of this movie: Anderson doesn't disappoint here with his usual cocktail of cutesy aesthetic, humor, tension, and a stormy, snowballing mood.

Alas, after an amazing build-up, the last third of the film—especially the resolution—felt cheap, and a little too wacky to be taken seriously. For an expert of narrative subtext, and for someone who can pack ten-thousand pounds of emotion into ten words, Anderson kinda ripped us off in the final act :(

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