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  • The Goonies 1985

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 12 Apr, 2014

    This is one of my all time favourite films. Stick this on and enjoy one of the greatest family adventures ever put to film. A bunch of friends who are all due to move house as their town is due to be leveled to make way for a golf course go on one last big adventure. They find a treasure map in Mikey & Brandon's loft and go off in search of treasure to save their families homes. As they gallivant…

  • John Carpenter's: Vampires 1998

    ★★★ Rewatched 06 Apr, 2014 2

    It's a John Carpenter film from the 90's - instantly I'm sold. It has the classic Carpenter music pretty much all the way through it. James Wood's denim jeans are the bluest I've ever seen and he carries a crossbow... Bloody hell! That's Laura Palmer! I'd recognise those eyes anywhere. We have a Baldwin... Doesn't matter which one really - and some of the cheesiest one liners I've come across.

    This is Vampires. An action romp of back to basics vampire killing. Lots of machine guns, blood, stakes, exploding vampires and decapitations.

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  • Predator 1987

    ★★★★★ Watched 17 Oct, 2012 2

    You've seen it a hundred times...but it never loses its charm. This classic Arnie Sci-Fi Action-er sees a crack team of commandos on a rescue mission in the Central American jungle. The mission goes from bad to worse as they soon realise a dangerous alien predator is hunting them down. This is one of my favourite Arnie films. It's tense, fast paced and full to the brim with enough action and bullets to take down a small country. It has…

  • Batman 1989

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 29 Mar, 2014 2

    Michael Keaton is unbeatable as Bruce Wayne - Yes, Bale's Batman is superb, but as Bruce Wayne - Keaton rules the roost... well... cave.
    Tim Burton's 1989 Batman is a wonderfully dark spectacle, Burton was the perfect man for the job and created a dark and brooding Gotham City capturing elements from its comic background and full of the wonderful Burton quirks you love and expect. Jack Nicholson is outstanding as the Joker, he plays him with such excitement and madness he is simply amazing to watch. From the cast, costumes, script and direction, Tim Burton's Batman is wonderful comic book adaptation.