Rocco's Films of 2012 (Ranked)

Films I saw in 2012, in order of favorite to least favorite*

*Yet to see: Boy, Kill List, The Deep Blue Sea, Lincoln, Ruby Sparks, Amour, The Hunt, Holy Motors, To Rome With Love, The Comedy, Rust and Bone, Being Flynn, Sound of My Voice, Magic of Belle Isle, The Impossible, Killing them Softly, Hara-Kiri, Chicken With Plums, Compliance, Monsieur Lazhar, or Headhunters

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  • I'm surprised to see Avengers where it is, and John Carter as high. That's only because I love the Avengers and really, really disliked John Carter.

    I'm pissed Piranha ended up so crappy, because I dug the first one. And you didn't care much for Cabin in the Woods?

  • Avengers I really liked. The problem was, when I would talk about it, I always talked about how long it took to get going. I HATED the first half hour. I can't justify putting it any higher, keeping that in mind.

    John Carter was actually better than I expected, having heard so much crap about it. I went with my brothers and my dad and we all dug it. It was just so massive and good looking and, despite Kitsch's acting, the performances were good.

    I loved the first Piranha, too. What a bummer that sequel was. Even Paul Scheer (who I love) was sort of giving off bad vibes about it on the How Did This Get Made? Podcast

    Cabin in the Woods just wasn't what I wanted it to be. I really don't like horror films (USUALLY) and wanted it to just shit on them. Instead it sort of followed all of the cliches it criticized. I understand that was the point and it was all meta and whatever, but just because you are making fun of something doesn't mean you are better when you are identical. That ten minute awesomefest towards the end blew my mind, though.


    What is going on with The Dictator and End of Watch???

  • The Dictator was hilarious, but really really dumb. I did like it a lot though.

    End of Watch was just terrible. Every character was a stereotype and the found footage thing needs to stop (especially since it was very inconsistent). There were scenes where there couldn't have possibly been a camera on what was happening. That being said, the chemistry between JG and Pena was great.

  • Yeah, EoW's found footage style caused it some issues. There were parts where JG was filming or the cop car's camera was filming but then it would jump to a feature film style where it's like, "wait, who is filming now?" I think with the found footage films that I remember seeing you gotta go all or nothing...what EoW did was sorta half-n-half. Still, I really really enjoyed it.

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