Cahiers du cinema: 100 films to an ideal film library

At the initiative of Claude-Jean Philippe, with the support of the City of Paris , 78 film critics and historians have come together to form a list of the 100 films to an ideal film library.


  • Great list! Was this in a recent issue?

  • no / this list was released 2007

  • You've got the wrong Bandwagon (#83) - it should be the 1953 musical The Band Wagon.

  • I think the title of this list might be deceptive.

    I first found this list a few years ago on many English language film blogs listed as "Cahiers du Cinéma's 100 Most Beautiful Films In The World" and that's how it's generally reblogged (the list was even called that on iCM originally if memory serves), however I'm fairly certain that the addition of "most beautiful" was simply a fanciful addition by one English language blogger that has unwittingly been copied by other English speakers.

    I can't speak French but Google Translate gives the following:

    At the initiative of Jean-Claude Philippe, with the support of the City of Paris, 78 film critics and historians have come together to form a top 100 films for an ideal film library.

    Find the 100 films during programming "The 100 best movies of cinema history" Reflecting the Medici of 19 November 2008 to July 6, 2009.

    Can any French speakers confirm that this list isn't actually a list of the "most beautiful" films but simply the "top 100" films as voted by Cahiers du cinéma?

  • you are right the list was originally called "100 films to an ideal film library" the mix-up comes from the "FESTIVAL LES 100 PLUS BEAUX FILMS DE L’HISTOIRE DU CINEMA" which shows these films in its program
    I corrected the title and I also corrected the film "Band Wagon"
    The 100 Most Beautiful films festival
    Thanks for the notice

  • Cool! I did not know that. So I guess the title does make some sense.

    And I've only seen half of these movies so far. Bleh.

  • I think Greed is highest on my list of wants-to-see from this list. And Napoleon.

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