Bull Durham 1988 ★★½

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  • What's your problem with baseball movies man?!?!?

  • Alright, let me clarify. I definitely did not like Bull Durham. It's not just a minor league baseball movie... it's straight up minor league.

    Having said that, after sitting on my viewings of Mr. Baseball and For Love of the Game, I could be bullied into bumping those up 0.5 and 1.0 stars respectively. For Love of the Game is really hurt by the romance story line though.

    And as for Major League, my 3.5 was a very heavy 3.5. Perfect world it's a heavy 7.5/10 but not a 4/5.

    Also, I haven't gotten around to a viewing of The Natural and I've got a rewatch of The Sandlot lined up. I already know those are going to be very favourable reviews going in.

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