Saw VI 2009 ★★★★

Definitely one of the best of the Saw sequels, with some very inventive kills and even some political subtext (US healthcare)!


  • You're saying this is allegorical? May have to give it a rewatch!

  • Indeed I am, it's pretty blatant when you're aware of it, and not too badly handled to say its just another gory horror sequel.

  • The best Saw sequel in my opinion, behind the excellent Saw II!

  • Gory horror sequels I'm fine with; smart, gory horror sequels are even better.

  • The only problem I have with Saw, and I don't even think it's a real problem. I can't remember them from each other, it's a bit of a blur. I have some serious issues telling the 3rd and 4th apart.

  • I love the SAW films ... Ive taken so much "bashing" and "lip" for liking these films. They are so cleverly done and original, and people hate of them for no reason.

    SAWs I, II, IV, and VI are just genuisly put together ... and I agree here. VI is one of the best ones of the series. Only one that was a downer to me, was VII. The ending was too predictable and it wasn't executed well.

    But still, one of my all-time favorite horror franchises!

  • The first had a great concept, but shoddy execution. The second has some of the worst screenwriting I have ever seen in any movie ever made. I was actually insulted by how bad it was.

    I assume the rest blow just as hard.

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