Domino 2005 ½

The kind of awful that could put me off films altogether.


  • Well now I finally have to see this, since it's so divisive apparently.

  • Don't do it, Jim... I fell into that same trap.

  • I dunno, Rot. I didn't much care for Natural Born Killers' excess either. Perhaps these would have worked better as subversive short films versus feature length films that tired themselves out on excess after the first 10 minutes. I distinctly remember being bored for most of Domino, which is weird because with all the color-fucking going on it should have been more engaging to watch. I guess there's just a certain point where "too much stuff" becomes boring.

  • Yeah I really REALLY like Natural Born Killers too. Where I sort of look at Domino as just a piece of fun entertainment, I look at NBK as a "proper" film. I can watch that one anytime.

  • Jonathan, what can I say, I think Natural Born Killers was a seminal film for me, opened my eyes to the possibility of craft. It has that same crass Jerry Springer mentality to it and it is being that which it is critiquing but it also has a Tarantino-ish script beneath it and a Trent Reznor selected soundtrack and the JFK carried over film stock mash-up that Domino is just not even in the same league.

  • On one hand that Richard Kelly is involved makes me want to watch this just to see, just to know...

    but I have enough Tony Scott experience to know that Richard Kelly plus Tony Scott is going to equal an experience that I will almost assuredly regret.

  • This is probably the longest conversation that anyone has had about Domino. Ever.

  • It deserves it. Knightleys lapdance alone is worth at least 10 comments.

  • Corey, seriously, if you ever find yourself compelled to watch Domino I would recommend just listening to the Richard Kelly/Tom Waits commentary track, at least there, I imagine, there is some kind of entertainment to be had... maybe Waits just starts singing, anything to avoid attention to the train wreck onscreen.

  • Another fan of DOMINO here. One of the most memorable screenings ever. I could feel the film melting in front of my eyes constantly. The images, the narrative, everything. Have to rewatch soon.

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