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  • Selma



    Not one decent white character here but a screaming Oprah is present.
    But the worst thing is that this is simply insanely boring.

  • Interstellar



    By the time Matt Damon subplot happened I was just embarrassed for these people.

    But when the bookshelves/watch thing happened I was absolutely speechless.

    Out of all the ridiculous scenes in recent years, this scene stands alone.

    4 good scenes in 169-minute long movie and the best of those - the docking of spiraling Endurance is nothing comparing to tamest moments in Gravity.

    At some lines I actually grabbed my head - 'they created three dimensional space to help you understand fifth dimension'. What the fuck was Nolan on?

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  • Casino



    Insanely rewatchable, entertaining and in the end devastating masterpiece by Scorsese. Flawless film with amazing work from De Niro and unforgettable performances by Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone.

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    If that movie sucked I would love to tell you so. But it didn't. In fact not only do i consider it to be the best movie by Nolan (but I'm not a fan so the competition isn't strong) but also the best movie baed on comic book. It's much more entertaining than BB and it doesn't have huge shifts in balance and quality like TDK. As a no fan of Nolan or BB and TDK this is the movie…