Let Me In 2010 ★★★★½

CONTROVERSIAL: I like this better than the original.


  • I've come across a few people who like this version more. For me the first one was better because I thought it was more atmospheric. Let Me In is one of the better remakes out there though.

  • @Del Boy You must see the first one it's terrific.

  • @Ron I think the 2 central performances in this make the film for me, and the car crash scene is just a stand-out moment. Let The Right One In is pretty rad too though it has to be said.

  • @Daryl I agree I'm a big fan of Richard Jenkins and Chloe Moretz won me over as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass so their performances in this were very good. As I mentioned though the biggest thing the original one did better in my opinion was the atmosphere. The remake had just a slight hint of typical Hollywood which was enough for me to prefer the original as well. It's still a very good film though especially for a remake and being made so soon after the original.

  • @Del I definitely highly recommend it.

  • I like both versions equally. However, the remake does win in the category of 'fewer, bad-cgi cats.' I hope that's not a spoiler.

  • I felt that it was better paced than the original.

  • *blinks*

  • It's a brilliant film. If this was the first version it would be hailed as a work of GENIUS!.

  • I like Let Me In a lot but remember it being a bit more obvious and sign posted (with some plot details shorn) compared to Let the Right One In. Though I too have a dislike of the CGI feline quota. Both look great and have good atmosphere, though the original is most definitely the superior for me, it is more ambiguous and felt a little darker.

  • @Claire OOOF. That's harsh! If this wasn't a remake how would you rate it? It is brilliantly handled. THE CAR CRASH SCENE!.

    @Joe Fair play. I just thought the direction of Let Me In was superior. I'M A DIRECTION WHORE.

  • Watch Hatchet and Hatchet 2. They cure all aneurysm's.

  • Good! Hatchet 3 out this year hopefully! Seen The Innkeepers?

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