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  • A Serious Man 2009

    ★★★★ Watched 23 Jul, 2014 6

    Easy As ABC

    "I need unguent" - Steve G Does The Coens

    The question most people seem to have about A Serious Man, judging by the reviews I've read, is "What's it actually about?"

    A lot of the time I don't think it matters what a film is about. I often find myself going round in circles trying to get to the bottom of this subject and losing sight of whether I enjoyed the film or not. Actually, I have…

  • The Raid 2 2014

    ★★½ Watched 20 Jul, 2014 18

    Easy As ABC

    Now here's a film where the infamous Weinstein scissors could have been put to good use.

    I wasn't as wildly enthusiastic about the original The Raid as many people were. I still found it to be a really enjoyable action film albeit with a couple of major flaws. I was quite confident that Gareth Evans would address those flaws for his follow-up - except he hasn't really. He's also picked up a couple more along the way.…

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  • Punch-Drunk Love 2002

    ★★★★★ Added 60

    There's an LL Cool J quote that would be relevant here. Hello again.

    I'm well aware this is Letterboxd, a social network site that was created for people to talk about films rather than their personal problems and woes, so much of what I'm about to say may seem irrelevant and strangely out of place to those of you who, for some reason, stick it out and decide to see it through to the end. If you decide to do…

  • The Counselor 2013

    ½ Watched 06 Jun, 2014 106


    That isn't regulation screen wash, Cameron.

    Under normal circumstances, any person that happens to have made Alien and Blade Runner in their career in film direction has very little excuse for making a film like The Counselor. But Ridley Scott has now made so few films in the last 25 years that have even managed to slightly interest me that he actually has plenty of excuse. He's just not very good at all any…