Take Shelter 2011 ★★★★★

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I can handle the truth.


  • This movie is a masterpiece! Flawless, from the acting to the script to the music to the pace to literally every other aspect of the movie. Utterly perfect.

  • There's so much more I want to say about it really, but the music is just perfect as well.

    What I also loved is the portrayal of those outside his immediate family being unable to know how to deal with him and his problems. I think many people could probably relate to that.

  • And the way his family does understand his condition, as seen in the scene where he flips out. The cliche thing to do would be to have Chastain be angry and storm out, but she does the opposite. That's the exact point where I knew just how special this movie was.

  • Absolutely. That actually just about saved that scene for me although I still would have preferred it not to be there.

    I also love the part where they're driving home at night and he stops to watch the 'storm' and almost begs someone to be seeing it, too. I nearly lost it right there!

  • God dammit, I need to buy this movie and watch it every single day. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

  • Funny, I felt the dining room scene was one of the best scenes of the film. I felt Shannon needed a release. And it is brilliant for the very reason Ryan mentions.

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