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I can handle the truth.


  • It's good to read that you liked it as much a second time around. It is sad that this is getting lumped in with more traditional horror films (I'm not even sure it should even be classed as horror) but I guess that is down to the pretty poor marketing.

  • It's not really a conventional horror film at all although it does have some slasher elements.

    I guess marketing it must have been difficult for them given the nature of the storyline and how little they gave away compared to other films of this type like Retroactive or Timecrimes. Hopefully it will be one of those films that picks up a very slow word of mouth and reappraisal in some quarters.

    He's a promising director, too, Christopher Smith. Really enjoyed Severance and Creep was okay, too.

  • I wasn't a big fan of his first two films which is why this surprised me so much. Although I did rather enjoy his next film, Black Death. It's nothing amazing but it does have a good atmosphere and solid cast.

  • I saw this in a sneak preview in Holland a couple of weeks prior to its release here. The trailer had already played a couple of times before other sneak previews and I remember thinking that it looked like yet another 'been there done that' horror affair. About 20 minutes in I knew I was going to love it and this was strengthened by the fact that most people in the movie theatre walked out. This film is certainly not for everyone and it is certainly not generic.
    My immediate reaction after seeing it was that it was a representation of purgatory. I haven't analysed it as thoroughly as Adam (Fantastic 'review' but the way, Adam), but that was my initial response. Will definitely watch it again soon.
    Black Death has our nation's pride Carice van Houten in it, so that automatically makes me appreciate it more ;) Apart from that, it was actually a very well-made film indeed.

  • Yes, I've got Black Watch on my watchlist. Smith is really good and insightful on the Video Nasties documentary I reviewed the other day, too, really knows the horror genre inside and out.

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