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  • Death Proof

    Death Proof 2007

    ★★★½ Rewatched 24 Jun, 2016 4

    Will somebody PLEASE send Quentin Tarantino the link to Wikifeet? Christ almighty.

    Death Proof was the only one of his I hadn't reviewed on here so I thought I might give it another shot as I hadn't seen it in about 8 years. My recollection of it was that it was largely boring except for the car bits, Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell's stunts, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and somebody else in the cast who I couldn't remember the name of who…

  • Bo Burnham: Make Happy
  • Husbands and Wives

    Husbands and Wives 1992

    ★★ Watched 23 Jun, 2016

    Midlife Crisis: The Movie.

    The intimacy of the way Husbands And Wives is shot isn't, unfortunately, backed up with much in the way of anything interesting in the narrative. Here is a film which cycles through every pitfall I have ever seen in movie marriages with the additional twist of characters that think they can go crawling back to their marriages at a moment's notice.

    To be quite frank, I couldn't give a toss as to whether Husbands And Wives…

  • The Last Run

    The Last Run 1971

    ★½ Watched 23 Jun, 2016

    “You Ain’t Seen Me, Right?” – The Summer Watchlist Trawl

    "In the tradition of Hemingway and Bogart!" yells the poster. What, in that they're all men that breathed once upon a time?

    Because aside from that, I don't really see any connection between Richard Fleischer's confused, confusing and surprisingly disappointing film. I'm more familiar with Bogart than I am with Hemingway, but did Ernest write many dull crime dramas that turn into dull road movies than then turn into dull…

  • Risky Business

    Risky Business 1983

    ★★★★ Watched 22 Jun, 2016

    I often talk about casts that were put together with me in mind, but I don't often get the chance to say that about a 1980s comedy.

    This is a different type of cast that was put together for me, although I do feel guilty for claiming it as my own. This is a cast put together for anyone who loves 1980s films. Pantoliano! Pinchot! Armstrong! De Mornay! Oh, and Cruise! All brought together in a comedy which probably isn't…

  • The Nickel Ride

    The Nickel Ride 1975

    ★★★½ Watched 22 Jun, 2016

    “You Ain’t Seen Me, Right?” – The Summer Watchlist Trawl


    Ahh, back to my safe haven. 1970s crime.

    There is more than an echo of the magnificent The Friends Of Eddie Coyle in The Nickel Ride. This is also a white collar crime film. It isn't about big money heists or high profile hits or multi-million dollar drug deals.

    It's about…

  • Scenes from a Marriage

    Scenes from a Marriage 1973

    Watched 21 Jun, 2016 4

    I don't know whether I need to be more careful with which Ingmar Bergmans (Bergmen?) I'm choosing or whether I just have to grin and bear the bumps in the road I've had here and with Autumn Sonata - as well as accepting there may well be more ahead.

    I'm absolutely committed to watching more Bergman because I had such extraordinary experiences watching The Virgin Spring and Persona especially that I know I will be rewarded elsewhere. But I found…

  • Los Angeles Plays Itself

    Los Angeles Plays Itself 2003

    ★★★★ Watched 20 Jun, 2016 2

    In which I have it confirmed that I find writing about documentaries extremely difficult.

    Los Angeles Plays Itself is a difficult documentary to pin down though, I think. So any trouble I might have faced trying to fully form my thoughts on it since watching it last night might have as much to do with that rather than any internal wranglings I almost always have about how I should rate a documentary.

    More than any other genre, and for reasons…

  • The River's Edge

    The River's Edge 1957

    ★★½ Watched 21 Jun, 2016

    “You Ain’t Seen Me, Right?” – The Summer Watchlist Trawl

    Films I Watched On TCM / Film4 While I Was 'Working'

    A river barely plays any part in this film.

    The River's Edge is a disappointing adventure drama that should have been a lot better than it is. That is mainly due to a really interesting love triangle that is at the centre of this film. It's a far different set-up than you might normally expect to see from a…

  • That Touch of Mink

    That Touch of Mink 1962

    ★★★ Watched 21 Jun, 2016

    Films I Watched On TCM / Film4 While I Was 'Working'

    Should I have been that excited about Doris Day visiting an automat?

    I don't think that should necessarily reflect badly on the rest of That Touch Of Mink because I am, after all, a person who is leading a life of such general unfulfillment that the most exciting event of my afternoon was when an automat was one of the settings for a film I was watching. But as…

  • Destry Rides Again

    Destry Rides Again 1939

    ★★★½ Watched 20 Jun, 2016 8

    Films I Watched On TCM / Film4 While I Was 'Working'

    I was just flicking through James Stewart's filmography and noticed that this is the earliest film I've seen him in.

    For some reason, most of the Stewart films I've seen are from the 1950s onwards. I haven't seen any of his early comedies from before he went off and became a war hero and stuff, and almost all the stuff I've seen him in has been post-1950 crime films…

  • The Sea Chase

    The Sea Chase 1955

    ★★★ Watched 20 Jun, 2016

    “You Ain’t Seen Me, Right?” – The Summer Watchlist Trawl

    Films I Watched On TCM / Film4 While I Was 'Working'

    Ahh, it's time for the old 'can we be bothered doing the German accent?' game.

    In the case of The Sea Chase, no. For the most part. A couple of members of John Wayne's crew sort of have half a go at it before thinking better of it. Because, let's face it, Duke isn't going to spend any film…