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  • Sphere

    Sphere 1998

    ★★★ Rewatched 28 Aug, 2016 6

    tfw the scariest part of your horror film is when Dustin Hoffman finds a load of copies of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea in a cupboard.

    An utterly bewildering mess of a sci-fi horror film that I always get mixed up with another utterly bewildering mess of a sci-fi horror film, namely Virus. I suppose I'll rewatch that next.

    One of a clutch of post-The Abyss sci-fi films cranked out by Hollywood in the mid-to-late nineties that liked to think…

  • Shark Night

    Shark Night 2011

    ½ Watched 28 Aug, 2016 2

    Sunday Munch!

    I'm putting Sunday Munch! on sabbatical for the rest of the year as the end of the year is filled with projects of one description or another, so for the none of you who are interested, it will be back in January.

    I wish I could be bowing out from this under happier circumstances though because I fucking hated Shark Night. I was absolutely amazed to discover it was directed by the late David R. Ellis, he of…

  • Bait

    Bait 2012

    ★★★½ Watched 28 Aug, 2016

    Sunday Munch!

    What a crap name for this film. Just call it Sharks In A Supermarket. You know that's what they really wanted to call it and you know it would have made a hell of a lot more money if it had been called that.

    Coming into this I had no idea it was going to be about sharks in a supermarket and if I had known that, I would have watched this much sooner. I mean, who couldn't…

  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday 1953

    ★★★★½ Watched 27 Aug, 2016 13

    I was about to start this review by saying that this was only the second Audrey Hepburn film I'd seen but I just found out she had a small role in The Lavender Hill Mob and I don't remember that at all?

    Oh well, it's just one more reason to rewatch that great film, I guess. The only other film I definitely remember her in was Wait Until Dark, so I guess it could be said that I hadn't seen…

  • The Bigamist

    The Bigamist 1953

    ★★½ Watched 27 Aug, 2016

    The 52 Films Directed By Women Project


    The first disappointment in what has been a thoroughly enjoyable project so far, but one that is at the very least an interesting 'failure'.

    The problem with Ida Lupino's film is really the way it tells its story. I felt the flashback device that takes up in the middle three-quarters of this film wasn't really the way this film should have been done. Obviously the title gives away what Edmond O'Brien has…

  • Along Came Daffy

    Along Came Daffy 1947

    ★★★★ Watched 26 Aug, 2016

    This is one that I had never actually seen before, and it doesn't look as though many others have either, but this is terrific.

    It features an early Yosemite Sam appearance although in this one he shares villain duties with his short-lived brother. Yosemite hasn't quite got into his full ranting stride as yet, which normally I would regard as a real bummer, but there's too much other good stuff here.

    Aside from a great bit where Daffy reads recipes…

  • Hare-Way to the Stars

    Hare-Way to the Stars 1958

    ★★★★ Watched 26 Aug, 2016

    This is the one with the "10,000 Instant Martians - just add water" gag.

    Marvin The Martian was never in a bad cartoon and this is another terrific one. There's a great gag about him wanting to blow up the Earth because it obscures his view of Venus as well as being the usual groan-some 'hare' gags.

    Looney Tunes were coming close to approaching the end of their best run of cartoons by this point, but this is certainly one of their better 'later' ones.

  • Countdown

    Countdown 1968

    ★★½ Watched 26 Aug, 2016 5

    I didn't know Robert Altman had ever directed a sci-fi film before I heard about Countdown recently. To be honest, this is pretty much how I would have imagined a Robert Altman sci-fi film.

    I am redoubling my efforts to watch more films from the great man and even though the general consensus was that Countdown was little more than a rather dull footnote in his career, I just can't resist a bit of science fiction. Plus there's the fact…

  • Meek's Cutoff

    Meek's Cutoff 2010

    ★★½ Watched 26 Aug, 2016 6


    Kelly Reichardt's films have two speeds - slow and stop.

    So far, almost all the enjoyment I have derived from any of the three films I've seen from her so far has been from the atmosphere she is able to create with seemingly not much effort at all.

    But having created such a heavy air of tension and oppression, she then proceeds to do absolutely nothing with it. Or nothing that is of interest to me,…

  • Das Boot

    Das Boot 1981

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 24 Aug, 2016 3

    "How long is Das Boot, exactly?"

    I'm not sure where Mark got his copy because I'm not aware of a four and a half hour long version. There's a five hour version, but that's not the one I watched, which was the three and a half hour version they have on Mubi currently.

    It's one of those films where there are about half a million dozen different versions knocking about and where nobody can agree on what the best version…

  • Wayne's World

    Wayne's World 1992

    ★★★★ Rewatched 23 Aug, 2016 20

    Alice Cooper's finest performance outside of 'Street Schizo'.

    It's easy to forget, even if you lived through the time when Wayne's World was at the height of its popularity, during the release of this and its excellent sequel, just how massive Wayne's World was. It was absolutely everywhere. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were everywhere. Everyone did the catchphrases. Parodies were made of its most famous scenes. The films made a fortune. They even did some video games of it.…

  • On the Waterfront

    On the Waterfront 1954

    ★★★½ Watched 23 Aug, 2016 4

    I'm not normally someone who comes into these overwhelmingly lauded and popular films and feels the weight of the world on his shoulders wondering what will happen to his lofty reputation in the amateur film reviewing community if he doesn't like it so much.

    But I kind of did with On The Waterfront. Perhaps mostly because of the kind of film it is and because of its cast. Crime drama with shades of noir? A treasure trove of character actors…