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Shamelessly stolen from whoever created the one about the football European Championships (I think it was Del Boy, so credit to Del if it was indeed him), come and discuss the latest happenings in the trampolining and dressage right here!

Oh, and any other summer Olympic related films that you can think of, I'll list them, too.

  • Chariots of Fire
  • Asterix at the Olympic Games
  • Munich
  • Superman III
  • One Day in September


  • Not to start on a negative note or anything, but I would love to get the name of the British journalist who shit all over the Vancouver Olympics pretty much daily for being disorganized and flawed etc. Man would I love to rub his nose in it.

  • You will get plenty of chances to do so, I reckon. We've already nearly started a bloody war with North Korea!

  • I know. What a major whoops! Personally I don't care about glitches in organizing such a huge event. They are to be expected. Which is why I was so pissed at that one particularly grumpy journalist who couldn't say a single nice thing about Vancouver throughout the entire event.

  • Most of our sports journalists are like that! Do you remember who he worked for at all?

  • I seem to remember something about being stationed in Russia somewhere. If I really wanted to get back at him I'm sure I could find him online. A woman scorned and all that ;-)

  • Well, for what it's worth, I enjoyed the Vancouver games immensely. The time difference worked wonders as being an insomniac, it meant there was lots of good stuff on in the middle of the night.

  • I wasn't sure about the James Bond bit during the opening ceremony. Looked as though Daniel Craig really did want to be elsewhere. Beckham on the speedboat was pretty ace, though.

  • I just watched a fair amount of the ceremony and it seemed OK, a pretty good effort to reflect the country's diversity. But is it bad that I'm probably only going to watch some of the football and the 100m final? I'm English as well so maybe I should get on the Olympic bandwagon but there just aren't many sports that interest me.

    Also: Superman 3? He blows out the Olympic Flame.

  • Added!

    I don't think it's bad not to be interested, most of the sports are ones that I wouldn't be interested in, but I love Olympic boxing and the athletics. I won't bother with the football, though, as I don't really care for international football.

  • Yeah, boxing can be all right - I might watch one of the finals if there's a Brit that makes it. I love football but I couldn't really care for the Olympic teams and as many of the players are young professionals the games are slow and pretty boring.

  • I quite like the handball, actually. Do those goalkeepers ever get the chance to save anything?

  • Dan, the Olympics can become addictive. You start watching and next thing you know you are tuning in to the finals for sports you didn't even know existed. The thing I love is that it is all so suspenseful. These people have been training for 4 full years if not more, and this is it. Their one event. They get one shot.

  • Yeah, there's nothing quite like it.

    I've been watching the cycling road race. It goes on for hours! It's absolutely mental, they have to stop and eat sandwiches!

  • Just like to bump this by confessing that I've been addicted to this year's games! I feel like a hypocrite for my previous comments, but I think it's more as a result of GB's surprise successes, even if I'm not patriotic it's good to see the host nation rising to the occasion. There's still a load of sports that just don't appeal to me but given the vast choice there's usually something I can find to be entertaining enough.

    What have you guys been watching lately?

    Also, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Olympic_films fills out the rest - Walk, Don't Run for example is Cary Grant's last film so I might watch that before the games are over.

  • I'd forgotten I'd created this list!

    It's been a fantastic games and I'm loving it so far. I will really miss it when it's gone off, I'll have nothing to watch! I always especially look forward to the track and field and it hasn't disappointed so far.

    I'll add some of those later, cheers Dan!

  • The OlympiczzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZZz

  • omg, I love the Olympics. I don't care if it's uncool. The commentary here in the U.S. has been especially painful, but I cannot. stop. watching. I love it all. Gymnastics (holy shit did yall see the men's vaults yesterday???), diving, that weird indoor cycling race, track (most beautiful humans ever), beach volleyball, weightlifting, all of it.

  • The thing I love about it is that you get to see so many sports that you rarely get to see. I absolutely love the handball and hockey especially.

    That cycling race, I think it's the keirin, is bizarre, though. The guy who leads them round looks like a push-bike copper from a 1940s John Mills film!

  • The cycling on the other day was weird, two cyclists just going really slowly - the leader just staring backwards so the other doesn't overtake, and then last lap... boom! It's mental, but Team GB are bossing the velodrome, you'd think that they trained there or something...

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