My Top 10 Films Of The 1930s

I considered doing lists per year, but there are some years where I've seen loads of films, and others where I've seen none.

So I'll do it by decade instead, starting with the 1930s. I was going to do a 20, but it would have been about 60% Laurel & Hardy films!


  • It’s nice to see Freaks on there, the controversy around it often gets brought up, but people seldom talk about how good a film it actually is in my experience.

  • Yes, it's fantastic. Seems to have gotten more and more attention in recent years, which has been good to see.

  • Seen 4 of these. Your top 3 and Secret Agent. In particular I really like the 39 Steps even tho it was the 3rd version of the film I had seen.

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