They Came From Poundland

For all non-UKers, Poundland is an ever-growing chain of low price stores that sell mostly good brands, but just in smaller packages so that they can sell it for £1 and it looks good value. To morons.

But they also sell DVDs. Mostly crap, but with some genuine surprisingly good ones, too, and not just stuff put out by companies out of public domain. Here's a selection of ones that I've happened across and/or bought. I'll update it regularly when I stumble in for some Maoam.

Mmm, Maoam.

Oh, and check out strongboy's list for some more Poundland delights!


* Sam & Janet


  • Same great bargains on here! I'd be chuffed to bits to come across half of these in Poundland. Unfortunately like John's comment, my local seems to consist entirely of Brian Dennehy, Tom Berenger and those Barbara Taylor Bradford adaptations!

  • Halloween is definitely when Poundland comes into its own. You get some cracking horror films around that time.

  • Post-Christmas, Poundland is the place to go for all your discount stand-up comedy DVD needs. I even saw Blu-Rays in there last month.

  • Cheers for that Chris, might pop in on Friday and see if there are any left.

  • What a nice haul Steve! And Adam, shame on you for not appreciating Perrier's Bounty. It's not a great film, but it isn't bad enough to be a coaster. Well worth a pound, or three, of anyone's money, IMO.

    My Poundland haul includes Muppets Magic (the early Ed Sullivan stuff), The Sooty Show, Passion's Way, and yes, as on your list, Bucket of Blood ...

  • Here, here - I like Perrier's Bounty!

  • My local PoundLand is shit compared to this. All they ever have is piles of copies of Circuitry Man 2: Plughead Rewired.

  • These are films that have been seen in Poundland although I haven't added many since I moved back to Manchester as I don't have one local.

    Will add Circuitry Man 2 though!

  • My local Poundland has struck some deal with and gotten hold of loads of their excess stock. Check out my list to see what I've picked up recently.

  • Interesting! Might head over to the one in the Arndale Centre this week then. Thanks for that!

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