• Hard Boiled Hard Boiled
  • Stakeout Stakeout
  • The Last Boy Scout The Last Boy Scout
  • Running Scared Running Scared
  • Lethal Weapon Lethal Weapon

"Big. Bad. Stupid looking." - My Top 10 Buddy Cop Films: RANKED

(Ones that I've seen, that is.)

My rules are that at least one of them must be a cop. And…

  • Prime Cut Prime Cut
  • Street Law Street Law
  • The Offence The Offence
  • Detroit 9000 Detroit 9000
  • Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

The 1970s Crime Films Season - COMPLETE!


As I've mentioned before, I love this decade for crime and thrillers and although I've seen lots of them…

  • A Cop A Cop
  • Le Doulos Le Doulos
  • Elevator to the Gallows Elevator to the Gallows
  • Pickpocket Pickpocket
  • Le Trou Le Trou

French Noir


I've seen, like, no French noirs and thrillers so I need some recommendations. I've stuck on a few that…