Daredevil 2003 ★★★½

A lot of people downright hate this film, but I actually really liked it. In fact, not only do I think it's not as bad as people make it out to be, I think there's a lot to like about it. Yes, I understand this has problems, mainly within the cast. Ben Affleck was really miscast and barely works as Daredevil or even Matt Murdock. Though you at least sorta get used to him or deal with him after a while, but I could'nt stand Jennifer Garner. She was both terrible and annoying, simultaneously mind you. Then there's that infamous sex scene that almost fucks up the whole character of Daredevil. Then again, it's taken out of the director's cut and the director's cut is good enough that I won't bitch about it too much. One of the things I liked was Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin, who was perfectly casted for me. For those bitching about (Kingpin isn't black! Why cast him if Kingpin is white?!) who cares? No matter what color the character was supposed to originally be, there's a reason that actor got the part and it's because he was the best choice at the time. No one complained when the part of Red, a white man from The Shawshank Redemption, was given to Morgan Freeman. If an actor is the best, he should have the part and Duncan is really, really good here. Colin Farrell steals the show. He may seem like an odd choice at first, but he makes for a great villain and has some great moments. Joe Pantoliano is really good as well. The action is terrific. Every action/fight sequence feels different and each fight scene feels unique for the charcters. Great direction, especially in the Director's Cut. Nice script, though flawed, with good pacing. I also really liked Daredevil's costume and is my personal favorite comic-to-screen redition of a superhero costume. Again, this has it's problems, but it is still a great, underrated superhero film that is better than people give it credit for.


  • I am not ashamed to admit that I too greatly enjoy this film. Probably would give it the same star rating as well.

  • I enjoyed this one just fine...but I was watching it for Colin Farrell as Bullseye. gotta love that calculated peanut shot on the plane. What's amusing is that people whined about this Kingpin and yet when S.Jackson first appeared as Nick Fury, not one person said anything (at least on the forums I go to).

  • Well, I think no one complained about Jackson as Fury because Fury was black in the Ultimates comics, which is what the current Marvel films are based on. In fact, Nick Fury's appearance and personality in the Ultimates was based directly off of Samuel L. Jackson, so Jackson being cast was perfect dream casting.

  • I didn't read Ultimates so this is news to me! Seems like I should check it out since I've seen the movie counterparts.

  • Can't believe we're going to be treated to yet another reboot of this and the Fantastic Four so that FOX doesn't loose the movie rights to these. I would love for the rights to revert back to Marvel/Disney. Can't help but wonder what they would do with it.

  • Sinner: The Ultimates are really good... the volumes written by Mark Millar anyways. It's basically a modern day re-imaging of The Avengers.

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