Die Hard: With a Vengeance 1995 ★★★★★

Loved Die Hard. Instantly became one of my favorite action films. Die Harder was slightly disappointing, but still a decent, fun watch. Die Hard With A Vengeance might have just instantly become my favorite threequel.

Bruce Willis once again is awesome as John McClane and has fantastic chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson. It's fun seeing two of the baddess motherfuckers on the planet work off each other. My biggest problem with Die Hard 2 was that the villain did'nt seem like a threat. The villain in this film is a huge threat, especially in the phone conversations building up to his introduction. That ominous presence is terrifying and this villain feels like a larger threat than Hans Gruber. It's debatable who is truly the better scenery chewing villain, but Jeremy Irons is a terrific villain. The suspenseful is heart pounding and the action leaves you on the edge of your seat constantly guessing whats gonna happen next. Of course, as a Die Hard film, this isn't without it's laughs and it is downright hysterical.

This is the best Die Hard sequel. Loved every minute of it. A lot of it I loved more than Die Hard. Just fun thrill-a-minute entertaining action.

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