Drive Angry 2011 ★★

There are films that are so bad that you can still have fun with it and then there are films like this that are so bad and stupid you can't even have fun with it. Even Nic Cage, one of my favorite actors (I see you grinning but I'm serious) is disappointing. He's been bad before, but he's always been at least so bad he's fucking awesome if he's not very good, which he can be. Just look at Face/Off if you don't believe me. Here he just sleepwalks through his role and does'nt really give a shit. Then again he's broke. He just wants and needs a paycheck, which I guess I understand. The script is predictable, stupid, and just plain bad made worse by corny and dumb dialogue. The effects look terrible. This may have been more entertaining if I saw it in 3D but this is just terrible in 2D. The only reason I'm giving this two stars is because of the underrated badass known as William Fitchner (who is awesomely badass in every film he does) and one particular scene that can only be described as a "fucking" shootout. Those things alone made this at least watchable, but you can see that stuff on Youtube. Everything else is just so bad it's bad.


  • This review popped up on my feed and I started reading it thinking it was for Drive... I was like damn I usually have the same tastes as SilentJoe... realized something was up when Nic Cage's name came up lol.

  • Lol Don't worry. I would never say anything this bad about Drive. Loved that movie. Could you imagine Nicholas Cage in Drive? Just think for a second if he was The Driver. I don't know if that would have made the film better or worse.

  • I would imagine some scenes in the movie would have a totally different feel to them with an added patented Nice Cage Freak Out lol. Seriously though I love Cage and would love it even more to see him in a good movie again. His track record hasn't been so good in the last few years.

  • Yeah. Cage is one of my favorite actors and it's sad the last good film he was in was Kick Ass back in 2010 and before that I think was Matchstick Men (my favorite Cage film next to Face/Off) back in 2003. Then again he's basically broke after going bankrupt so instead of looking for good scripts he's looking for films that pay well, like this. Love him or hate him, you just have to feel for the guy.

  • no love for bad lieutenant? his batshittery works amazingly in that

  • Actually I loved Bad Lieutenant. His craziness was perfect for that film. Loved Matchstick Men too. Great movie for Cage and it was a really nice change from Ridley Scott.

  • Thought Bad Lieutenant and Matchstick Men were both great. The last movie I saw him in was Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance... but I wouldn't count that as a good one... saw it because I'm a comic book geek. lol

  • Shit, I completely forgot about Bad Lieutenant. My bad everyone. I really liked that film and Cage was amazing in it. Might be his best performance, but he's given so many great and perfectly batshit ones you just never know. I don't know how I forgot about that one. THAT was his last good film. I still need to see Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance btw. I've been skeptical since I thought Ghost Rider was awful.

  • GR: SoV - There's a moment or two in it where you think to yourself "Right there! THAT is what this movie should be like!", but there might be two of those moments... the rest well... not so good... and keep in mind those moments might only exist in my mind because of the "comic book geek" thing I mentioned earlier.

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