Drive Angry 2011 ★★

There are films that are so bad that you can still have fun with it and then there are films like this that are so bad and stupid you can't even have fun with it. Even Nic Cage, one of my favorite actors (I see you grinning but I'm serious) is disappointing. He's been bad before, but he's always been at least so bad he's fucking awesome if he's not very good, which he can be. Just look at Face/Off if you don't believe me. Here he just sleepwalks through his role and does'nt really give a shit. Then again he's broke. He just wants and needs a paycheck, which I guess I understand. The script is predictable, stupid, and just plain bad made worse by corny and dumb dialogue. The effects look terrible. This may have been more entertaining if I saw it in 3D but this is just terrible in 2D. The only reason I'm giving this two stars is because of the underrated badass known as William Fitchner (who is awesomely badass in every film he does) and one particular scene that can only be described as a "fucking" shootout. Those things alone made this at least watchable, but you can see that stuff on Youtube. Everything else is just so bad it's bad.

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