Gray's Anatomy 1996 ★★★★½

After really enjoying the recent Spalding Gray film And Everything Is Going Fine yesterday, I became a huge fan of the guy. Nate_Austin on this site recommended me two films of his works; Swimming to Cambodia and this film. I really loved this film.

Like Everything Is Going Fine, this looks into the mind of Spalding from Spalding himself. Who knew that a guy sitting in front of a desk talking (mainly) about his eye operation for 80 minutes could be so fascinating. Other than Spalding's incredibly captivating monologues, another thing that makes this so amazing is the direction by Steven Soderbergh. The cinematography, the lighting, and the shots really help add to the power of Gray's words and adds to the experience. The monologues are hilarious, interesting, and thought provoking.

Captivating, raw, fascinating, and just flat out fantastic thanks to Spalding and Soderbergh, two genius's in their own right. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go swimming in Cambodia...

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