Jingle All the Way 1996 ★★★★½


One of my favorite Christmas films. Ever since I was a kid, not a single Christmas has gone by without me watching this.


  • Nothing says Christmas like a punch to the face, especially a reindeer's face.

  • Same here. Not a Christmas goes by without me watching this, Elf, A Christmas Story, Bad Santa, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (which is awesome if you haven't seen it).

  • Well, if you want a film that is completely unpredictable, I highly recommend Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The best Christmas film that barely has anything to do with Christmas. Also, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN A CHRISTMAS STORY?! It's the quintessential Christmas film.

    I haven't seen Silent Night Deadly Night so I'll be on the look out for that around Christmas time. I didn't care for Black Christmas that much. I thought original was ok and the remake was lame.

  • I wouldn't say I don't like Winstead, but I honestly don't see what the hype behind her is all about. She's not that great of an actress as people make her out to be (or at least she hasn't showed it yet) and it seems like she only gets praised so highly these days because she was in Scott Pilgrim.

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