The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997 ★★

I really loved the first film. In fact, I've fallen in love with it. I should'nt have expected a whole lot with the sequel, but Spielberg came back as director and Jeff Goldblum was returning as "the rockstar". What could possibly go wrong? Everything actually.

Sure the suspense is once again very well done, there are some very impressive action scenes, and CGI looks amazingly realistic, everything is nearly shot to shit. The script is without a doubt the biggest problem. The characters don't feel as real and relatable this time around. In fact, a lot of characters are really annoying, but the characters of the first film were just so likable I expected the same here. Characters feel like underdeveloped cariactures of anything remotely resembling realism. The biggest being Jeff Goldblum. He isn't the same charming "rockstar" I enjoyed seeing so much in the first film. Now he's this whiny, almost brooding shadow that barely resembles Ian Malcolm from the first film. He does'nt have a single moment of snappy dialogue or a witty line. I guess you can call that character development; you probably would'nt be the same if you were almost killed by dinosaurs either but there could have been ways his character changed without being this emotionless, witless, rock. It's like they wanted him in the film, but could'nt think up of anything for Jeff to work with. It's bad enough that Sam Neil and Laura Dern are absent from this film and there's a lack of Richard Attenborough, but they are replaced by characters that are too annoying and selfish to care about. Julianne Moore makes stupid decisions and it's hard to stay on here side. Vince Vaughn just does'nt fit not because I'm used to him in comedies, but he can't act worth a damn. There's a reason he became a comedian and it's because he did'nt want people to notice he can't act. Any other characters, especially the little girl, ranges from a complete jackass to a complete dumbass or just plain annoying. Another problem with the script is that it lacks the fun factor from the first film. It takes itself way too seriously. The script is filled with plot holes. It's just terrible.

This was'nt bad enough to kill my enjoyment of the first film, but it makes me think twice about even considering to see Jurassic Park 3. A huge disappointment.


  • The sequels are HUGE guilty pleasures for me. The concept of dinosaurs on a modern-day island is just so super-fucking-cool to me that I can forgive almost any shortcomings as long as dinosaurs are fucking shit up.

    The set-piece in this movie with the big trailer truck thing is ridiculously awesome.

  • Well, I'm glad someone likes this since I was left really disappointed. What do you think of Jurassic Park 3? I don't expect it to be as good as the first, but I kinda want an opinion I can trust before going in. Is it at least better than The Lost World?

  • JP3 is okay. About as good as this. There's another pretty awesome set-piece that I won't give away unless you want me to. It's not a smart movie, but it's pretty fun at times.

  • Okay. I'll watch it, but I'll approach with caution.

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