Moneyball 2011 ★★★★

After finally checking out that new Aaron Sorkin show The Newsroom (it's okay; first episode was great while the second and third eps were slow and repetitive) I decided to finally watch that recent Aaron Sorkin film, Moneyball.

I had no idea what to think going into this. I don't like baseball and I hate math so I had no idea who this would appeal to especially where I come from. Here in America, we have a saying that goes "What's more American than baseball?" Baseball is like America's favorite sport while basically everyone over here hates math. A lot of us are'nt smart enough for it. So what do you think when you mix the two? A fantastic film that's what.

Despite my hate for math and dislike for baseball, I was really interested in this film throughout and really enjoyed it. A lot of that is thanks to writer Aaron Sorkin who crafts another masterful screenplay. You get the Sorkinisms you come to expect from him (like people yelling, throwing stuff when angry, fast dialogue, etc) as well as that razor sharp and intelligent dialogue exchange The dialogue is the best thing about this, but you also have to praise Bennett Miller's excellent direction. He makes some creative shots that help make the film even more captivating and compelling.

The acting is outstanding. Brad Pitt is absolutely fantastic in this. Is it his best performance? It just might be. He's such a powerhouse in this film. Jonah Hill gives a surprisingly terrific performance. Yeah, he plays that awkward fat guy he's been known to play but it really works here. If it seems like he does'nt fit, it's because his character should'nt but his character is still pulling himself along for the ride, pushing himself to do better. He brings such a well layered character to life. Philip Seymour Hoffman...just damn man. He's my favorite actor and he proves why he's so amazing. He is given so little but makes the most of it and turns in an amazingly memorable performance. Even Andy from Parks and Rec is in this! That's awesome! What's even more awesome is that he gives such a genuinely great performance that I think if given a chance, he can break out of that shell and we'll be able to call him Chris Pratt one day. Every actor in this is really great and gives you a memorable, likable character.

This film really surprised me and ended up being funny, compelling, well acted, and fascinating with razor sharp writing.

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