Safe House 2012 ★★

Bland cinematography and way too frantic direction. It annoyed the hell out of me that the camera could never stay still for five minutes. I always hated shaky cam, but it really bugged me here. Everything is too sloppily edited to tell what's even going on, especially during the action sequences. The action sequences would have been at least decent if they were edited properly. The script is thin, cliched, and lacks imagination. I never felt invested with the characters or the story and therefore could care less about what was going on. Denzel Washington gives a pretty good, albeit somewhat underwhelming, performance but the rest of the acting is something to really be desired. I was mostly disappointed by Ryan Reynolds. When it comes to showing his charm, he seems to knock it out of the park but when it comes to showing actual emotions (anger, fear, etc) he seems about as flat as pancake. The supporting cast, which include some of my favorites like Brenden Gleeson and Vera Farmiga, turn in some nice performances but like the leads,they feel wasted, limited, and restrained by a lackluster script.

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