Serenity 2005 ★★★★★

When people were still skeptical if a tv writer/producer/director like Joss Whedon could pull of such a major blockbuster like The Avengers, I was one of the few people who had complete confidence in the guy because of this film. Here, he does such a spectacular job directing an ensemble with amazing chemistry and terrific acting with Chiwetel Ejiofer as a fantastic villain and standout. He creates such fully realized and likable characters and puts them in such interesting and exciting situations. I don't know if he did a better job writing or directing because he crafts action sequences that are stunning enough to leave you in awe and exciting enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Like The Avengers, this film never takes itself too seriously. It stays fun and entertaining throughout. He does such a brilliant and perfect job with this film that I was positive he would do the same with The Avengers and not only was I right, he surpases that. You don't need to watch Firefly to have fun with such an exciting, beautiful, and entertaining film, but it helps if you do. It adds to the experience.

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