Sleuth 1972 ★★★★★

Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier are fantastic and have perfect chemistry. You even get a show stealing performance by Alec Cawthorne and small, but just as great, performances by John Matthews and Eve Channing. The dialogue is incredibly written and quotable. The story is intelligent and sophisticated. The twists are thinly disguised and you can never see them coming. There are even great elements of black humor. The set design is gorgeous. This film is perfect from beginning to end.


  • I can't tell if this review is a lousy joke
    a fraud by someone who's never seen this film.

  • Geez....someone can't take a lousy joke...

  • None of your other reviews features this brand of what one might generously call deep, playful sarcasm;
    this is fishy.

  • Maybe that's because this is one of the first things I ever reviewed on the site and I was still trying to find my stride. Or maybe it's apart of some conspiracy. Geez, you just never know these days. Fishy indeed.

  • You should probably delete this empty gibberish before your 1,682 followers realize that you shoddily "review" films you've never seen and praise actors who don't exist & roles that don't exist.

  • You see, that's really sound advice, but the truth is I really don't give a shit about if 1,683 people (including yourself, which I assume isn't following me if I'm spouting mindless gibberish) think I haven't seen the film. Why would I review a film if I hadn't seen it?

    Oh and one more thing...THAT'S THE WHOLE JOKE. Just like how the cast and crew decided to add more actors to the credits so people didn't immediately know Caine and Olivier were the only ones in the film or that one of the characters was a twist in itself. That's too bad you can't recognize an obvious joke. A joke that's now ruined for anyone who reads these comments.

  • joke....ruined.

  • My thoughts exactly.

  • But but he has genius in his name!

    How can he be wrong??

  • And his name is MOVIE genius!
    Obviously he's a god when it comes to breaking down movies! Praise the movie genius, everyone!

  • All your other reviews from March 2012 are sincere, straightforward, and descriptive, except, you claim, for this one. Still seems fishy. Oh well, joke's on me, I guess. Good one, ha.

  • Wow, you've REALLY gone through the trouble to disprove me. I haven't even read all my reviews. Haha. And before you call me fraud, I mean I havent reread them before posting.

    Put it this way...I have my moments. Some reviews are dead serious. Others serious with subtle snarky humor. Others obvious humor with shitty jokes and puns.

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