The Avengers 2012 ★★★★★

Every decade has one phenomenal, possibly even perfect film that not only changes the game for film in that generation but is able to withstand the test of time and be remembered for generations to come. The 70's had The Godfather. The 80's had Back to the Future. The 90's had Pulp Fiction. The 2000's had The Dark Knight (or Lord of the Rings; that's kinda debatable). I'm certain that this generation, at least thus far, has The Avengers.

Where do I start? I guess I have to start with the acting. The entire cast brings their A-Game and no one dissapoints. Robert Downey Jr once again slips into the character he was born to play. He not only brings back that cockiness, narcissiticness, eccentric, and ego-centric attitude from previous films as well as adding more layers to Tony Stark that provides more depth to him. Just as no one else can play Iron Man like Downey, I don't think anyone can play Thor like Chris Hemsworth who just owns the role. Chris Evans proves again why he deserves to wear the Captain America mantle. He exudes exactly what a hero should be. I was skeptical about Mark Ruffalo being Bruce Banner but now I see why he was cast. Ruffalo in real life seems like a pretty mellow, nice guy. Just the slightest angry outburst from him would be a shock and probably means that shit has hit the fan. That pretty much describes the character of Banner and for that Ruffalo was perfect for the part. Renner and Johansson are'nt given enough credit as they should, but are both really great, especially Johansson. She may have been casted just to appease fanboys, but she proves here why she deserves the role and why her acting ability should'nt be taken for granted. So many amazing supporting turns, especially from the perfectly cast Samuel L. Jackson to the perfectly badass Clark Gregg, but if there was one standout in this film, it's Tom Hiddleson. He flat out steals the show. He's a perfect villain; the guy you love to hate and hate to love, especially for something he does in the film I refuse to spoil. From top to bottom, especially within the team, the characters mesh perfectly well with one another.

I knew Joss Whedon could be able to pull off directing and writing this film. After all, he did make one of my favorite sci-fi films, Serenity. However, I did'nt know he would do such a phenomenal job. He perfectly balances explosive action with complex human drama as well as plenty of hilarious moments. If my mouth was'nt wide open in amazement one minute, I'd be laughing my ass off the next. Whedon perfectly gives each character a voice and something you'd expect them to say, do, and feel. He creates both fun action and great character development that adds to the human drama. Technically, this is outstanding. Mind blowing special effects brings everything to life, especially The Hulk who looks more real here than he's ever been. It was amazing to finally see The Hulk be The Hulk; to finally see Hulk Smash. I know I've been saying amazing a lot but that's what this film is: amazing, incredible, astonishing.

I can't remember the last time I had so much fun with a film in the theater. It was an absolute blast. Everything was just perfect. I already love this film and I already want to see this again. This is the absolute best superhero film ever made and so far, for me, the absolute best film of 2012. It is just marvelous.


  • I can't help but laugh out loud at your first paragraph. This is better than Toy Story 3, or Drive? I'll bet my house that it's not.

  • I'm not saying this better; just more of a game changer. Only time can tell for Drive which has'nt influenced film in any big way yet, but I doubt Toy Story 3 has changed the game in any way, at least not yet. Both great films that actually are better than this, but has'nt changed anything yet. I think this will at least change the game for superhero films.

  • But this movie just came out - how could it have changed anything in two days?

    How is this any different from other superhero films? I don't see it.

    I'm saying it right now...this movie will be forgotten in 6 months time.

  • I wouldn't say it's a game changer, but I think kids today watching this will definitely love it the same way my/our generation loved Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark back in the day. Is it as great as those movies? Maybe not, but I honestly don't think there is much in it.

  • @Ryan Well for one thing, no one thought a film with all these heroes was possible and because of this films success over the past two days, there are already talks about a Justice League film. Plus, I should have said it better. This may not be a huge game changer, this is to the kids of this generation as Star Wars was to the 70's and Back to the Future of the 80's.

  • Agreed.

  • You cannot accurately compare this to such perfectly-written films like Star Wars and Back to the Future. No way in fuck. Doesn't matter how many kids like it. It's simply not in the same league. Not even remotely close, in that regard. Kids can like it as much as they want, but that does not raise the film's merits to the godlike status of Star Wars and BTTF.

    People need to stop treating this movie like it's actually great.

  • I also, have to disagree with your first paragraph. However, mine is for a different reason than Ryan.

    I love Back to the Future, and Pulp Fiction - both in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. In no way, though, were they the "Every decade has one phenomenal, possibly even perfect film that not only changes the game for film in that generation". There are dozens of films better than both of those that came out in that time frame. Both Zemeckis and Tarantino have said they made mistakes in the films, so clearly they aren't perfect either.

  • @Ryan I'm not comparing films in quality but in enjoyment. Plenty of people think Citizen Kane is the best film ever, but that does'nt mean it is. They just enjoyed it that much. There are films that adults may hate but kids/teens will love. That does'nt mean anyone is wrong; it just means that some people enjoy it more than others.

    @cronos Again, I worded that wrong. In no way is any film perfect, but they can feel perfect. Any film can have tons of problems but people can still love it like their are none; ignoring any flaws. It does'nt stop them from enjoying the film.

  • @Everyone I see a lot of people disagree with my opening paragraph. I probably should'nt have said this is a game changer but I'm not comparing this film to any film that has actually reached iconic status. This is not my most rational review, but this is the review of someone who was in a state of total geek out mode after seeing something I thought was amazing and, dare i say, a masterpiece. Besides, it's only an opinion. Agree or disagree. Just wanted to get that out of the way for anyone else who has a problem with the first paragraph.

  • I understand, SilentJoe, but that implies that nobody enjoyed any other movies as much since then, when they clearly have. The exact same thing happened when The Dark Knight came out, and now half the people I know changed their mind about it and say it really isn't *that* great. Then guess what happened? Same exact thing when Inception was released. Everyone praised that like it was the second coming of Jesus, but not nearly as many people seem to care much anymore.

    I hate these fads. People blow their load when one movie they enjoy comes out, and they treat it like it's deserving of the highest acclaim possible while dropping comparisons to some of the actual greatest films ever. It's absolutely ludicrous.

  • Well, only time will tell. I understand and respect your opinion though. I remember the same thing happened a few months back when I saw Memento again. A film can get better or worse after a few rewatches. Like I said, time will tell if that happens with this film.

  • Have you seen the Avengers yet, Ryan?
    In my review I compared The Avengers to some of the films mentioned above as well. And I stand by that. You're judging our opinions with 20/20 hindsight, that's easy. Your comparison to Inception and The Dark Knight for me don't hold. They were praised for completely different reasons than the Avengers is. This film isn't hailed as a cinematic masterpiece but it has given many people of my generation the same buzz many of the classics gave them. Why should this generation not have its own Star Wars or Indy and why should that not be the Avengers? I'm not saying that the Avengers is as good as or better than those films, but it does seem to have the same appeal. Star Wars will always be Star Wars for me, I'm just very happy that the Avengers gave me and many others the same buzz.

  • Why should this generation not have its own Star Wars or Indy and why should that not be the Avengers? I'm not saying that the Avengers is as good as or better than those films...

    That says it all.

    This generation wants its own Star Wars? Then pick as film that's as good as Star Wars instead of mindless popcorn fluff. Pick a movie that showcases flawless screenwriting as well as great thrills. Those films do exist. I can list at least 5 that came out in the past 10 years. So...why settle for mediocrity? That tells me this generation simply doesn't care if a film is any good. They just want to get high on the novelty of a bunch of superheroes being in the same movie, that's all.

  • There's really nothing wrong with this review. If the film made you feel like it was this generation's Back to the Future... then that's how it made you feel. There's really no arguing that.

  • Why is the Avengers mediocre?
    The screenwriting in the Avengers was fantastic, it had an enormous amount of thrills and it was fun and had a vibrant creativity. Star Wars is nothing more than that as well. You say the Avengers is mindless popcorn fluff. Why? Because it is fun? Because it doesn't deal with the big questions in life? Because it doesn't have anything to say? If that's the case, many of the classics mentioned before fit the same description. And I do think you're selling an entire generation short by saying that they don't care if a film is any good. When you're twelve you don't look at films that way, you watch them to be entertained. The Avengers is doing that on a large scale at the moment.

  • i'd say you're right for the most part, although prometheus or dark knight rises may be quite a bit better

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