The Public Eye 1992 ★★★

Joe Pecsi gives a fantastic performance. It may not seem like that at first, but it feels like his acting gets better throughout the film as his character is more driven and becomes more complex. He creates a rich, intense, and authentic character. Barbara Hershey did'nt do much for me. That does'nt mean she's particulary bad, she just did'nt do much for me. Besides, it does'nt really matter because she is so stunning to look at and that alone makes up for it. I think this is the most beautiful I've ever seen her. Those who stand out the most is the terrific supporting cast that includes Stanley Tucci, Jared Harris and Jerry Adler. The director utilizes some great shot and the script is both interesting and somewhat poetic. My biggest problem is the lack of chemistry between Hershey and Pesci. The story revolves around their love story, but it seems they lack sparks to make you feel like they're made for each other. It never quite takes off and I keep thinking it had potential to be a lot better, it is a nice watch and showcases the talent of a great cast.

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